UL Xplorlabs modules teach STEM topics to students using real-world engineering challenges

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UL Xplorlabs is an educational platform designed to encourage students to “solve through science.” It is especially focused on engaging middle-school students when their interest in science is shown to decrease dramatically.

Each UL Xplorlabs module focuses on a specific topic and is designed with flexibility to complement science, technology, engineering and mathematics curricula, and bridges the gap between the classroom and real-world engineering challenges. The Portable Electrical Power module puts students into the shoes of battery experts as they learn about lithium-ion batteries and study key concepts like thermal runaway. The Fire Forensics: Claims and Evidence module challenges students to read a fire scene and build a claim for a fire’s origin and cause.

The elements of each module – including the interactive video, online experience, classroom activities and challenges – can be done individually and in any order. An in-depth Teacher Guide also supplements each module to provide a roadmap and supporting content for the lessons.


Platforms Used:

  • Online
  • Hands-on experiments
  • Video supplements
  • Classroom setting


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Problem Solved:

UL Xplorlabs modules enable teachers to build scientific knowledge, passion and commitment among their students. The modules show students that by using scientific inquiry to ask why a phenomenon occurs, they can solve real-world problems and create innovative solutions for a safer world.


Grades and/or age ranges:

Middle school through high school, grades 6 - 12



UL Xplorlabs modules address STEM education development.



UL Xplorlabs was carefully created to align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), including crosscutting concepts, application of science and engineering practices, and attention to disciplinary core ideas. The landing page for each module lists the specific standards covered.