UltraKey Online directly teaches typing skill by employing all the learner's senses

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UltraKey Online talks to the learner, shows the learner how to type using interactive animated graphics, builds fluency using real-world typing challenges, and reinforces learning with videos when appropriate. It provides effective and motivating instruction to students, empowers teachers to meet all their students' needs, and provides powerful administration tools to manage accounts and monitor learning.

UltraKey Online build 184 features a new harmonized instructional interface that is really pleasing. Every graphic has been upgraded.  New! Quick View makes UltraKey Online a dream for directors, teachers and home-schoolers wanting a quick glance at how their charges are progressing and using the program.


Formats/platforms used:

UltraKey Online requires no plug-ins. It conforms to html5 and www3 standards, which are the Internet community standards for modern online learning.

UltraKey Online operates in every modern web browser, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Safari. As announced by Microsoft, Internet Explorer is obsolete, and has been replaced with Edge. UltraKey Online is not supported on Internet Explorer.

UltraKey Online has been proven operable and reliable on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads with keyboards, and Surfaces.

iPad and Chromebook compatibility is important to our school customers, so we engaged schools and districts during development, to make sure UltraKey Online performed to their expectations on iPads and Chromebooks.

We have also confirmed that UltraKey Online operates well within device-intensive environments with wireless Internet. As with all online programs, the normal patience and good browsing behavior are recommended.

iPad users need to have a full keyboard to benefit from UltraKey Online instruction. UltraKey Online is not designed to teach tap-typing, which is a very different skill.


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Grades and/or age ranges:  

UltraKey Online is rated and proven effective with users age 8 to adult. In practice, the program is used as young as age 5, depending on individual readiness.



UltraKey Online conforms to the Modified International Typing Contest Rules Version 2 for all its assessments and tests. UltraKey Online has the unique capability of performing official typing tests using any content you import. Certificates can be created in PDF files and printed for signed certification.


Pricing model:

Subscriptions are sold by the student seat (users). Subscribers may create as many administration, school manager, and class manager accounts as they need, without affecting their subscription. The price is based solely on users.

Price per student per year, varies with the number of users and the number of years purchased at a time. Non-profit schools and non-profit training organizations qualify for special school pricing.

Smaller subscribers are welcome to pool their subscriptions with other subscribers, so they can achieve more efficient pricing while still having their own private domains of management.


 What makes UltraKey Online unique?

Professionals who have an in-depth understanding of keyboarding skill, and know how the skill is developed, always recognize the UltraKey approach as one of the most comprehensive and effective learning experiences on the market. The product's features and process reflect the decades of knowledge and experience that have gone into creating and evolving UltraKey Online to the state it is today.

Deliberate: UltraKey Online systematically develops typing fundamentals. Whether the topic is good posture or striking technique, the program leaves no doubt about the way typing needs to be done.

Efficient: The curriculum is clear and straightforward. Students move forward at an amazing pace. Not a moment of precious class or personal time is wasted.

Adaptable: UltraKey Online adapts to the individual, adjusts to suit teaching styles, conforms to class needs, and customizes to complement the curriculum. Import and assign any practice and testing content that suits the curriculum, the needs of the user, or the trade of the enterprise.

Rewarding: Students love UltraKey Online because it challenges them, proceeds at their personal pace, and ultimately makes them winners. New guided writing activities, and the Game Zone make UltraKey Online better than ever!

Powerful: The UltraKey Online learning management system provides the ultimate in reporting, student tracking and custom control. Teachers are completely in charge. Having the ongoing performance information they need, they make informed decisions for their students.

Reliable: UltraKey Online works day in and day out. When you need help, the same people who make the software are there to provide it.



Keyboarding is the ability to communicate through the keyboard. Since it is a communication skill, UltraKey Online develops it using a clear progression from isolated techniques through to whole-communication practice.


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