Vector EHS Management helps schools track health/safety incidents, hazards and trends

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Vector EHS Management, is an incident management system that helps K-12 schools and districts record and manage safety incidents, identify trends, ensure regulatory compliance, and save time. The system can be used to report and track accidents, injuries, hazards and health-related incidents, including COVID-19 outbreaks, in real-time.

Features include:

  • Web-based forms and a mobile app allowing stakeholders to add and view incidents, and conduct and record safety inspections anytime, anywhere, including from a mobile device.
  • The ability to auto-generate reports such as OSHA reports in minutes.
  • Dashboards and analytics to help users better manage and track incidents and identify problem areas that need to be addressed.
  • A pre-built, configurable risk matrix to help administrators perform risk assessments based on the probability and severity of hazards.
  • An email alert system to notify employees about hazards and upcoming or overdue safety inspections.
  • Tools to generate, file and manage claims for workers' compensation, vehicle damage, property damage and more. The system also tracks employee time-off due to incidents and helps administrators analyze data to determine which claims and/or incident types incur the highest costs for the school or district.
  • Tools to plan, track and implement corrective actions.



Vector EHS is web-based and can be accessed by PC, laptop, or mobile device. It includes an app that makes it easy to add and view incidents anytime, anywhere. The app can also be used offline, making it perfect for field and site inspections.


Primary website URL:


Problem solved:

Vector EHS Management simplifies incident management for K-12 schools. For instance, a busy school district can have a large number of incidents every year such as injuries, property or equipment damage or school bus accidents. Documenting and managing these incidents can be time-consuming. Vector EHS Management makes it easier and faster to report and track these incidents from investigation through resolution. It also provides administrators with data needed to identify bigger picture issues and trends to help improve safety. Vector EHS Management helps schools and districts create a culture of safety for both employees and students.


Grade/age range:

Vector EHS Management supports incident management for K-12 school districts.


Pricing models:

Vector Solutions offers 3 packages for Vector EHS: starter, professional, enterprise. Pricing is per employee and is an annual subscription.


Additional services needed:



What makes Vector Solutions unique?

Every school district needs to track accident and incident management in order to meet national, state and regional requirements and as back up for worker’s compensation claims.  Districts that track via paper, often miss things when paperwork is filed incorrectly, or never filed at all. Vector EHS is unique in that it eliminates the need for a paper-based reporting system and saves employees time by providing everything they need for incident management and reporting, all in a single web-based and app solution. Now incidents can be recorded anywhere and anytime they take place, and districts have a comprehensive way to track trends over time.



An effective EHS system helps organizations in any industry remain highly productive. Vector EHS Management connects all areas of safety into one easy-to-use platform. Manage your entire environmental health and safety program in our configurable web-based system to save time and improve efficiency in your safety department. In addition to web-based access, Vector EHS Management also features a mobile app for incident reporting and investigations, and our safety inspection app which enables you to complete inspections faster than with paper by using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The mobile app can even be used when offline, making it perfect for field and site inspections.

Vector EHS’s configurable solution and flexible architecture provides an opportunity for the customer and Vector EHS to easily modify Vector EHS to meet the needs of the customer.  The genesis for Vector EHS’s configurable design stems from the belief that our clients should be able to easily adapt the software to meet their needs (without expending large amounts of resources).  All of our clients from large to small have taken advantage of Vector EHS’s configurable architecture to adapt and integrate Vector EHS into their operational processes.


Here's what users are saying:

“We have been using Vector EHS Management for about 8 years now and it is a wonderful product. Easy to use! Tracking and reports are a breeze.”

- Olga Vasquez Mason, Logistics Tech, Orange County Public Schools


“Vector EHS Management makes it easy to identify recurring problems and trends, and you can track how well you’re solving those problems.”

- Luke Lindberg, Safety Manager, City of Fargo

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