The VEX Continuum is a series of educational robotics solutions for all

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VEX Robotics is a leading provider of educational and competitive robotics products to schools, universities, and robotics teams from around the world.

The VEX Continuum enables educators to create cohesive STEM learning plans for students from kindergarten through high school, and beyond. The VEX Continuum consists of a series of VEX platforms, grounded in a continuity of resources, curriculum, and materials, so that teachers and students can build upon their STEM learning from year to year.

Schools are able to reach their STEM Learning Goals with the VEX Continuum as it is an entire K-12 solution, designed for educators, that consists of six VEX platforms –  VEX 123, VEX GO, VEX IQ, VEX V5, and VEX V5 Workcell. All of which can be augmented with VEXcode VR.



VEX Robotics has its own proprietary hardware and software platforms that are included in each kit. 


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Problem solved:

The VEX Continuum engages students of all ages and instills a lifelong curiosity and passion for STEM. Each solution is designed to integrate concepts such as computer science, computational thinking, engineering, coding, and manufacturing into the classroom in order to prepare students to become problem-solving leaders of tomorrow. 


Grade/age range:

The VEX Robotics Continuum begins with Pre-Kindergarten and extends through to career and technical training. 


Core or supplemental:

The VEX Continuum teaches the core concepts of STEM, with a focus on the skill set needed to be an active member in the 21st century workforce. 

Educators can find additional support through VEX PD+, an on-demand streaming and learning platform that allows for dynamic, self-paced training for all VEX platforms. Additionally, there is also a free VEX Certification System that provides training courses, with practice and certification exams that enable educators to demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals while using and implementing VEX curriculum. Once certified, teachers will gain access to a growing community of users and resources in various Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).



All VEX solutions are supported by custom STEM labs that function as supplementary lesson plans that fit into pre-existing curriculums. Multiple labs can be utilized in sequential order to create a unique, extended learning experience. 


Lesson time needed:

Each VEX solution in the Continuum comes with a variety of themed units. Each unit includes multiple labs that can take anywhere from 80 to 240 minutes to complete, depending on class size. 


Pricing model:

VEX does not really follow a conventional pricing model. MSRP's are based on a variety of factors, and bundles are offered for a few select kits.


Additional services needed:

Each solution comes with all the hardware, software and access to the educational support materials needed to complete the learning objectives.