Virtual Mission to Space Teaches STEM Concepts Using the International Space Station

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Space Station Academy is an online and blended learning program developed by VHS Learning in collaboration with the Association of Space Explorers, TERC and the Center for Advancement of Science in Space. The program offers two options, Mission to the International Space Station (ISS) and Science from Space. These learning experiences, conducted entirely online, immerse students in a virtual mission to the ISS while they learn science and engineering concepts. Science from Space, a full-semester course, and Mission to the ISS, a 4-week course, inspire students to explore an interest in a variety of STEM concepts, preparing them for college and future careers.

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What formats/platforms are used?

Space Station Academy is an online and blended learning program offering two instructional options —Mission to the International Space Station and Science From Space—through VHS Learning’s online platform. Only internet access is needed to access program offerings.


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Problem solved:

Space Station Academy offers two exciting programs to spark student interest in learning, and help them consider future careers in science and engineering. The program teaches students integral STEM skills through an immersive and engaging format that helps keep them interested in the subject matter and wanting to know more. Students learn about multiple science disciplines and get excited about potential future careers in STEM. They learn more about our world from the vantage point of space, and have a better understanding of their place in it. 


Grade/age ranges

Mission to the ISS is suitable for students in grades 7-12 (online version). A blended option is available for younger students (grades 4-6), while Science from Space is designed for students in grades 7-10.


Core or supplemental

Space Station Academy addresses the growing need for students to be prepared for STEM majors in college and future STEM professions. Through this immersive and interactive experience, students explore STEM concepts through a real-world perspective. This can help to spark an interest in future STEM careers. Students discover science and engineering through space; the skills they learn (critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication) can be used in high school and beyond. This program provides an innovative way for students to develop skills, both during the summer / after school, and during the school year.



Space Station Academy teaches several different STEM disciplines, including life science, earth science, physical science, and engineering.