Wellbeing software company Skodel raises $1.8 million

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Investors include Thorney Investment Group, Bridge Climb founder Paul Cave, Anchorage Capital Partners Chairman Phil Cave and tech entrepreneur Peter O’Connell

Skodel, the company pioneering student wellbeing check-ins, has raised $1.8 million to help fund its mission to give every student a voice that is heard and acted on.

Skodel was co-founded by identical twins Ian and Julian Fagan, and friend, Huon Peard. Much of Skodel was inspired by the Founders’ direct and indirect experiences with wellbeing during their teenage years.

Skodel’s Wellbeing Check-In tool supports a short, engaging and familiar user experience, asking a series of simple questions so students can express how they feel on a weekly basis and in a confidential manner. The real time data readily identifies wellbeing issues that require immediate action, and Skodel assists in facilitating appropriate responses.

Skodel’s research shows that up-to-date information on students’ wellbeing will encourage more conversations around wellbeing and mental health and help combat the growing challenges facing students of all ages.

Cornerstone investors in the raise include Thorney Investment Group as well as Bridge Climb founder Paul Cave and Anchorage Capital Partners Chairman Phil Cave. Peter O’Connell, co-founder of Australia’s fourth largest mobile company, is Chairman of Skodel, as well as a key investor.

The funding will support Skodel’s domestic and international rollout and go towards creating tailored, engaging and evidence-informed resources to assist in responding to wellbeing issues as they arise. These resources will be developed by Skodel, in conjunction with leading clinical psychologist, Andrew Fuller.

Skodel Co-Founder Ian Fagan said: “We are very pleased with investor support for Skodel. The capital raised will enable Skodel to continue to improve its diagnostic capabilities and develop further resources for youth experiencing mental wellbeing challenges. It will also ensure more students have access to the Skodel Check-In app.”

Ian added “Empowering and engaging students to talk about their mental health not only helps schools identify those at risk but also informs future wellbeing planning.”

Alex Waislitz, Chairman of Thorney Investment Group commented: “In many ways, the world today is a much more complicated place to be a young person. We recognise the importance of Skodel’s technology and its potential to have a positive impact on mental illness by providing real-time data on how students are feeling and equipping students with the social and emotional skills to cope through tough times.”

Skodel is currently being used in schools across Australia as well as in New Zealand, the UK and the US. Currently, over 15,000 students across Australia are using Skodel Check-In and the number is growing.


About Skodel

Skodel is a software company specialising in wellbeing and mental health issues. Skodel is the first company to provide real time data on student wellbeing. It is designed to solve a serious and deepening issue among adolescents and young children by giving all students a voice that is heard and acted on. Its Wellbeing Check-In app is used in schools across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

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