The Young Inventors Club is Empowering Kids to Invent the Future

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The Young Inventors Club is a website destination (

tied to a book series that brings the world of invention and inventors to young children. The If Not You Inventors Club celebrates inventors and their extraordinary achievements – and starts children on a journey of fun, adventure and creativity!  In the classroom, the Young Inventors Club website helps children learn about patents, inventors, past inventions and how to come up with inventions of their own.  Open to every classroom and family, the Young Inventors Club empowers children to explore how inventions are made and how you they create inventions of their own.  The Club also spotlights the great inventors throughout history – and introduces kids to many of today’s most acclaimed inventors.  Children will also get the chance to win prizes by entering any of the Club’s many contests and enjoy a variety of downloadable fun and games.  By joining the If Not You, Then Who? children will discover a world of innovation that will inspire their creativity for years to come.

The Young Inventors Club is the interactive element of the popular If Not You, Then Who? children’s book series written by husband-wife co-authors David and Emberli Pridham.  Each of the If Not You, Then Who? book titles books feature 9-year-old Brooke Fairley and her 7-year-old brother Noah as they apply their vivid imaginations to create their own inventions, all the while exploring how Inventors solve everyday problems.  The If Not You, Then Who? books also introduce young readers to grown up themes such as the need to protect original ideas. 


Grade/age ranges:

Ages 6-14 / Grades 1-8


Core or supplemental:

The If Not You Young Inventors Club website is a supplemental learning opportunity for in-school and home.



Primary website:



Volume 1 of the book series, The Inventor in the Pink Pajamas, introduces Brooke Fairley, an inquisitive girl with a passion for inventing.  Inspired by her grandfather and their mutual delight in how inventions come to be discovered, Brooke looks for ways to improve the world around her and joyfully sets out to imagine her own.  In Volume 2 Noah’s Treehouse, it’s Treehouse Day for Noah his Dad and Grandpa as the family rallies around the siblings to build their dream treehouse.  But the family runs into one problem after another – as they race to complete the treehouse before an expected meteor shower arrives.  They turn to innovation and invention to solve their dilemma and save the day. Let the Games Begin! Is Volume 3 of the book series, and spotlights siblings Brooke, Noah and Baby Graham as they try to choose whether to play basketball, croquet, golf or all three.  Soon, the brother and sister decide to use their creativity to invent their own game – and in the process learn about the inventions that help make sports safe and fun for everyone.  The fourth If Not You, Then Who? installment follows Noah and Brooke as they enter a school science fair – and Noah’s conservation invention becomes a  competition finalist.  As a result of the science fair, the Fairley’s are inspired to adopt all of the finalists’ pro-environmental ideas such as a rain capture device for watering their garden and solar panels as a safe energy alternative.



Lesson time needed:

The website recommends 15-20 minutes per day as the site is updated frequently with new learning materials related to the theme of inventors and inventions.


Pricing model:

The If Not You Young Inventors Club website is free to teachers, schools and families.


Additional services:

The website provides monthly hands-on STEM activities to engage children in the category of invention and the world around them.

In addition, each month students / classes can receive an Inventors Challenge PDF via email. This PDF will include all materials and instructions needed to complete the challenge.