Call for Speakers

We would love it if you would be one of our featured speakers!

Please fill out the below form so we can contact you back with time availabilities in each event. We are seeking currently employed educators to share, either with a formal presentation of their ideas with slides on the virtual events, or in a “talk-show” style with our moderators and a title with a simple few questions for the discussion -- very little prep needed, but lots of fun and helpful for attendees to hear.

Speaker Submittal

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All topics of local interest are important to us to include, and some we suggest could be described as follows below:
o Tips for Welcoming Virtual Classes
o Cameras Viewing Inside Homes: Concerns
o Teachers as the Frontline of Social-Emotional Learning
o Managing the Perfect Storm of Shifting School Calendars
o Hybridizing at (Your School Here)
o The Bouquet of New Health Safety Protocols
o New Digital Concerns
o Digital Curriculum Onboarding
o Helping Parents Manage Time
o Short-Cuts to Data Entry

Please fill out the form and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Someday we hope to meet again in person in your area with live hybrid events we will also broadcast.