Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussions

Leadership Solutions

The Learning Counsel specializes in leading the leaders, providing perspective and organizational tools on the transition to digital. The 2015 event tour was truly magical, drawing 2-4 times the audience size originally planned and causing the Learning Counsel community to expand to 100,000+ along the way. The unique help provided has drawn two states to offer support for the events with continuing education credits for attending executives.

Every Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion event is FREE to educators.

Why Attend?

Hear the latest working tactics, take part in training exercises, find out what other executives are confronting and the ways in which they are winning in this time of change.

Tons of organizations focus on professional development for teachers, but what about professional development for organizations? For Leaders?

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, schools are in the eye of a “perfect storm” of transitioning to digital curriculum.

As a leader, you should attend:

  • To network with peers.
  • To learn about, see and discuss the digital transition.
  • To be a part of this “living tour” crisscrossing the United States bringing best practices information from other parts of the country.
  • To build your school or district into a model of digital transition, going from strategy to tactics to sustainability to design to experience -- the path the Learning Counsel is helping schools go down and learn from each other about.
  • To make sure your school or district is not left behind.

In 2014 we started with discussions about using an administrative scale to lead forth, and how to use that. We learned a lot about what was in place in schools for leadership and what was missing. In 2015 we analyzed digital curriculum strategy and developed a workable model architecture for strategy within districts and schools. In 2016 we are continuing our “living tour” city-by-city and taking strategy to the next level and diving into tactics.

Equity in education is a very important consideration, and the expectation by most parents and students today is digital.

The very real storm of change includes the fact that the traditional mode of curriculum acquisition has fractured as the industry has built up from a handful of major publishers to thousands in a few short years. By survey, teachers are spending upwards of five hours a week just trying to find content to fit the additional changes in standards and testing. In the meantime, technology and digital content collections are advancing at a rapid rate into realms that individual teachers can’t hope to keep up with.

The Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion meetings bring together interested district executives to discuss real strategy points, tactics and more.

Highlights of a Digital Curriculum Tactics Discussion meeting include:

  • How do schools select and understand digital curriculum?
  • How do they lesson plan using digital learning objects?
  • What are some schools doing shifting teaching and learning models?
  • How are tech director roles shifting beyond network and device tech?
  • How do leaders help teachers build effective time management for the new academic models?

Automatic Scholarship Enrollment: Attendees are automatically enrolled to be one of 10 scholarships to be awarded to Learning Counsel members for our Annual National Gathering in Orlando, FL November 13th through 15th, 2016.

Who Attends?

  • School Board Members
  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • Chief Academic Officers
  • District Curriculum Directors
  • District & School Curriculum & Instructional Designers
  • Professional Development Directors
  • CIOs, CTOs, Directors of Technology
  • Instructional Technologists
  • Library and Media Specialists

2016 Agenda

7:30 a.m. Breakfast
8:00—9:00 Learning Counsel Briefing –Digital Curriculum Tactics
9:00—9:30 Strategy Talk by Education Guest Speaker plus Show & Discuss Moment
9:30—9:45 Break
9:45—11:25 Digital Curriculum By Characteristics Competence, more Show & Discuss, Share-to-Care by local educators, plus whole group discussion
11:25—11:55 Strategy Talk by Education Guest Speaker
11:55—12:25 Lunch
12:25—1:40 Sharp Tank, Share-to-Care by Educators
1:40—2:10 Education Executive Policy Panel
2:10—3:00 The Big Share—Top Priorities & Concerns
3:00 p.m. Adjourn