Digital Transition Discussions


Get the Research Briefing.

• How learning gets “uberized” with personalized learning workflow
• The hidden & real barriers to school change
• National norms for tech transition
• Averting ballooning attrition
• Becoming “expo” -- experientially oriented
• Emerging tech innovations

Administrators, Board Members, and leaders in schools who attend this one-day unique Digital Transition Discussion will hear a research-based market briefing on the state of national attrition to home-schooling and alternatives, consumer versus school spend in digital learning, top issues like social-emotional needs, and what’s working in top districts.

Personalized Learning Workflow is a recent breakthrough for tech and learning organization that changes everything. From New York to California and everywhere in between, leaders are flocking to learn about real personalization -- and what it means for real equity for the first time in public schools.

All attendees participate in live discussion about barriers in schools, and glimpse the future by taking roles in a game-based demonstration.

Why Attend?

Every year that we travel to your city we “level up” the discussion. We’ll help you tackle the tough questions about what’s happening inside the digital shift, and what that means for the actual teaching and learning.

The goal is to help every administrator, principal, instructional technology specialist and teacher through this challenging time in education transformation with fresh perspective.

A handful of selected ed-tech companies will do short 5 or 10-minute presentations or 2-minute video showings during the day. Watch for your confirmation emails as to what companies are touring to your city with Learning Counsel

You’ll receive:

  • A copy of our latest special report, “Becoming Expo” about becoming focused on the quality of the experience – digitally and with human interaction.
  • A workbook with space for notes.
  • Recent whitepapers and journals.

Limited Space.

Sign up today to make sure we have room for you and any team-members. Some cities get extraordinary registration for these one-day, one-room meeting-style events.

Learning Counsel grants a certificate for six hours of professional development training for any Discussion event upon request.

Agenda: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Later Starts in Some Cities)

Breakfast & Registration (Unless we start later in your city due to traffic – watch for our email after you register!)
Welcome Ceremony
Education Executive Guest Speaker
Show & Discuss
Table Discussions on Specific Topics
National Digital Curriculum Survey Market Research Briefing on Tech Transition in Schools
What is Personalized Learning Workflow | The Hidden & Real Barriers to School Change Discussion
Lunch Served and Sharp Tank Video Showing
Personalized Learning Workflow Live Game Demonstration – Participants all invited to roles
Educator Panel & Whole Group Discussion
Optional Stay for individual demos by ed-tech companies and learn about the EduJedi Leadership Society or network with peers