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Year-by-year the Learning Counsel has grown to become a leader in providing educators and school administrators with research and context in the shift to digital curriculum.

Our first research question was simple: Is there an end-point of the digital transformation for institutional education? What we found is that there is an end-point, and we are helping lead to it, through the natural phases of maturity.

What’s unique about our “voice” in the national Ed-Tech landscape is we like to tackle the tough questions about what’s happening inside the digital curriculum shift, and what that means for the actual teaching and learning.

Our mission has guided us to being a leader within industry and academics to transform educational systems through digital curriculum strategies; enhance the creative construction of digital learning resources between teachers, administrators and publishers; and ultimately help all learners everywhere become more engaged in knowledge acquisition for life success.

“Attending a Learning Counsel event is a good opportunity to create or stretch a vision, is a good opportunity to develop strategies to implement a 1:1 initiative, is a good opportunity to learn about resources and is a good opportunity to network with vendors. It becomes a great opportunity when school districts come in teams because in addition to the information presented, your team spends the day collaborating and idea sharing which truly develops a shared responsibility of creating a digitally enhanced educational environment that improves instruction and learning.”

– Eric Godfrey, Superintendent Buckeye Union High School District, Phoenix, AZ

What YOU Can Do

1. Read The Consumerization of Learning to gain a greater depth of understanding regarding the change continuum and get an unmatched insight into the future of Ed-tech. Buy it, read it, use it. 2. Make your Story on our social media site. Add your school or district’s digital curriculum “Invenstory” to help keep track of your digital things. 3. Join one of the Learning Groups inside Knowstory to help the market evolve in understanding all things Ed-Tech and support teaching and learning. 4. Attend one of our Events when we come to your area. Gain context. Help teachers transition. Find your path for sustained transformation. These one-day events bring together education leaders for FREE professional development found nowhere else. 5. Read our publications on the digital curriculum shift. Be part of the change continuum conversation with our growing audience through our special reports, case studies, video stories, or a Journal/Poster. We are uniquely qualified researchers, writers, and former education practitioners. 6. View our Videos. Our videos spotlight great schools and districts, best practices, as well as failures and how to learn from other’s experiences. 7. Join our community newsletter and get others to join for weekly updates, Special Reports and more.

The Education Transformation Continuum

What’s so special is that we are sharing a unique vision for where the bulk of the market is going and how fast. From the very beginning, this vision included a change continuum that ends in what is known as the “Age of Experience.”

It is conceptually a time when our online and offline identities converge, and our value system and economy reward experience-driven products more than services only. This might seem subtle, but it is driving great wealth into the biggest companies who deliver on it like Amazon and Disney, and the entire ecosystems that are Google, Microsoft and Apple.

This digital transition change continuum has six stages. Read each Special Report defining the stages of the shift and containing actionable tips to win:

The Learning Counsel is reporting on each of these stages of the continuum in detail. Our Special Reports on each stage are downloadable for free, simply click on the stages to the right. There are two stages still to be reported on—Analytics and Experience—and those reports will be issued in 2018.

As an educator today, you must understand the needs and wants of every stakeholder, their challenges and successes, the best school and classroom transition strategies, as well as the hardware and software potentialities. The Learning Counsel brings context, research and creativity to not only help you win, but help all of education win.

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“LeiLani is a true education industry thought leader who does a wonderful job of codifying the trajectory of education, showing how we are on the precipice of consumerization, and describing a great need for education to catch up to the Age of Experience.”

– Dan Stoneman Chief Innovation Officer San Diego Unified School District