Education Executive Professional Development to Attain Authentic Expo Centers of Learning

Focused on Orientation to Education in the Experience Economy, Terminology and Practical Leadership Games

The Problem

Schools are not typically transitioning structure. Leaders and teachers do not understand context from inside the greater tech and economic reality. Captured by the shiny objects and vendor ingenuity, digital change has been fraught with peril. It has added cost, added stress, and in many cases subverted learning.

When schools focus on being “future ready,” they’re not in the present. Administrators and teachers join a constant try-anything parade of new products, anxious half-way implementations, and increasing technology complexity without real change in results. Being “edgy” and counting accomplishment as a computer-for-everyone guarantees returns for corporations – but not necessarily schools.

The Solution

Schools need authentic arrival in the new “Experience Economy,” and skillful leadership. Stable new basics are the solution to the barrage of products, distracting frameworks, and risky freebies. A proper “fit” in the local-global consumer culture makes for a sustainable school that has mastered the tech reality.

Becoming tech-relevant can be simplified.

"You helped me make sense of things“ I wasn’t aware I needed to understand.”

– Jess Borjorn,
Assistant Superintendent,
Curriculum & Instruction,
Roseville High School
USD, California

Join the EduJedi Leadership Society


When you and your staff become Knights, Masters and Grandmasters of digital change and join the Leadership Society, you’ll be among the intellectual elite of schools. Practical benefits from signing the EduJedi Pact, positive press, public display of your EduJedi credential on your website, the creation of custom
school “credicons” for digital badging, community and ongoing training.

Over 500 Districts

You’ll be part of an existing community of over 500 Districts that annually attend Digital Discussions meetings, and 215,000 U.S. educators who follow Special Reports for professional growth from the Learning Counsel.

Learning Groups hold quarterly discussions for executives in newly digitally-immersed schools on important leadership brand issues like User Experience, User Interface, Security & Operations, Learning Gaming, Data Management & Analytics, and the Redesign of Schools.

Learning Counsel is known for delivering context that addresses the friction of modern culture and economy versus the Education arena. LeiLani Cauthen, our resident “Everyday Philosopher & Concerned Human,” is a nationally known keynote speaker and futurist. Dr. David Kafitz, a former Superintendent, is an
experienced leader with business management training. For four years the Learning Counsel has been touring nationwide, each year bringing another level of discussion to each city based on our unique and inspiring stair-step “Education Transformation Stages & Endpoint.”

EduJedi Professional Development includes strategic planning, choosing tactics, understanding software, digital curriculum coverage planning, digital sustainability, and redesign steps to become authentic “Expo Centers of Learning” to stay relevant forever.


Orient all staff to new learning drivers and technology enablers
effecting change in the structure of education institutions,
teaching and learning. Provide practical definitions and activity
stages to smooth the transition.

Delivered at three different levels of discourse: Administration
Executives & Instructional/Curriculum Managers, Technology
Staffs; Teachers.

Professionally sequenced learning with exclusive resources not
available anywhere else.

Dr. Juliet Stipeche, the Director of Education for the City of Houston

The EduJedi Pact

We pledge to transformative relevance by co-opting the best of digital learning technologies, organizing people and resources for a student-centric and highly personalized experience, and to most importantly, leverage our human empathy to the best advantage for learners. We are EduJedi.

The 5 R’s: Our reasons for making this Pact include giving our schools and teachers a chance to:

  • Reset. Computing device deployments and random software usage is insufficient to realize the efficiency and greater service that can be unleashed because of tech reliance. Joining the future requires a mindset change that compliments new social dynamics and economic drivers.
  • Retool. Take practical steps for individual teachers and administrations to get to alignment across the bridge of change and retain relevance.
  • Redesign. The entire experience of learning to provide sufficient core subject understanding while eliciting creativity, curiosity and a high degree of interaction.
  • Reorganize. To change structure, schedules, and personnel in an orchestration that leads forward with challenging environments attractive to learners and parents.
  • Rehumanize. By not compromising on the technologies, we highlight the most important asset, our ingenuity
    and humanity.

Join the Leadership Society

Module 7: Becoming Expos
Professionals learn about new teacher training, competitive positioning, marketing basics and becoming consumer-centric.

Module 8: Continuing EduJedi Briefings – Digital Cohesion, Virtual/Augmented and more.
Professionals get continuing briefings, including insider views of major research.


Online, Modularized Self-Directed Study with Learning Counsel materials, quizzes, and activities. See “Sources” for free access through our eligible affiliates, or purchase.

Module 0: Orientation
This module contains an introduction to all key concepts with
videos and key questions, including a briefing on market research.

Module 1: Theory
Professionals learn key concepts about reaching the end-point
for digital transformation.

Module 2: Strategy
Professionals learn about all-encompassing strategy, and
systems leadership.

Module 3: Tactics
Professionals learn about digital curriculum characteristics
with definitions, evaluating digital curriculum, digital
curriculum mapping, quality user-interface/user-experience,
and managing timelines.

Module 4: Sustainability
Professionals learn about various elements of digital sustainability.

Module 5: Analytics
Professionals learn about the software development field, review
two analytics scales and consider relative importance for data.

Module 6: Re:Design
Professionals learn the greater arena of educational services,
different learning layouts for different pedagogies, scheduling
change, and work out a new organizational structure and
teacher roles.