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Advisory Services

EduJedi members sometimes need our GrandMaster Counselor’s outside perspective and specialized knowledge. With advisory services, schools and districts can get help with leadership development, strategy and tactics development, digital curriculum planning, ed-tech inventory, gap and duplication analysis, and piloting new programs like personalized workflow learning.

Paid Members can start with a low-cost Site Report, kicked off by a group discussion of their results from the EduJedi Quiz.


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Summary Advice including recommended Services and Scope

Leadership Development

Many school leaders do not have the idea of tech being ubiquitous, a sort of “it’s everywhere” running things. They are missing the attitude of dominating through tech administratively. What’s wrong with the current state of technology in education is that there is not enough of it, and the not-enough-of-it is orders of magnitude above what is typically there right now. Major districts like Houston Independent School District have as many as two million digital learning objects, and many advanced systems. Yet most schools are settling on mere documents and links in lesson plans. The rushing forward by schools to digital is an imperative to compete, to survive the relentlessly increasing expectations of the public, but let us do so with our eager eyes wide open.

Leadership development is first and foremost an exposure to the culture and economic drivers changing expectations. Next it is real skills having to do with strategy and continual execution through tactics that require oversight. EduJedi learn the meaningfulness of what they are doing, exhaustively define and refine actions, and lead with certainty they will get excellent results.

Strategy & Tactics Development

There is a big difference between strategy and tactics. While many educators are comfortable selecting vision statements, where they fall down is commonly in the execution and detail. This is where EduJedi are trained to excel

Digital Curriculum Planning

Digital instructional design is different than regular instructional design. What are the differences? How could true personalization actually happen without overburdening teachers? The parts of digital curriculum planning and what is important for right now, in the near future, and beyond are all part of this arena of advisory services.

Ed-Tech Inventory | Gap & Duplication Analysis

What does your school or district have? Can you provide enough flexibility for inventory now that the dynamic change in software is an ongoing oversight burden? What about disparity and lack of equity in quality of resources once in the digital sphere? Analytics across academic standards with teachers all using very different digital resources? What about your strategic gaps in digital curriculum and duplication of resources? This advisory service helps uncover issues as well as overspend that can exceed tens of thousands.

The Future: Personalized Learning Workflow

Learning Counsel defines Personalized Learning Workflow in advanced learning environments as:

The transportation messaging, like an independent digital agent, between disparate systems and learning objects for tasks and information routing and completion; independent sequencing for personalized learning, grading and compliance approvals; usually using structured forms known as checksheets, coursesheets, worksheets and routing forms, some of which may depend on manual or automated answer keys and automatic calendaring.

This advisory service helps schools and districts strategize to achieve a move to Personalized Learning Workflow, whether piloting in one area or changing their entire structure of teaching and learning.

A major breakthrough by the Learning Counsel was a finding that in order to deal with, and use, the ever-changing software and digital content in the market while appealing to today’s learners with true personalization, it will be necessary to shift the way schools structure teaching delivery and scheduling. A redesign would need to capitalize on digital execution while not sacrificing important human teaching, in a perfect blend. Not simply “online” or “distance” learning style, and not traditional classroom only, but both teaching styles, presented as digital first and then backwards engineering into digital paths of needed human teaching interface and hands-on learning. Such a redesign also offers a quantum leap in efficiency. The hidden gem uncovered that would allow this to happen was actually very simple, and an old idea in other industries. The secret ingredient is digital workflow, largely missing in the teaching process which is whole-group centric nearly everywhere, and the flow is one-to-many and not individual. Personalized workflow learning has been in use with paper workbooks for small schools with students of different ages and only one teacher for decades. However, it is a new concept for most schools as a potential with digital technology to do at scale.

Specialized steps and skills are part of this advisory service.