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What You Learn

EduJedi learn about how to be the future, with a context showing the usual, natural change pattern. This includes a change continuum that ends in what is known as the “Age of Experience,” with schools becoming centers of seamless and personalized experience, or “Expo.”

Other industries are already deeply into the Experience Age, responding to a new value system and economy that reward experience-driven products more than products or services only. This might seem subtle, but it is driving great wealth into the biggest companies who deliver on it like Uber, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and Disney. EduJedi find out the why behind those same cultural changes which make school transformation inevitable -- and how to get ahead of the curve.

This digital transition change continuum has been mapped for EduJedi in stages, of which the top six have been explored. New training resources are now set to be released that deliver an “undercut” to simplify the top stages and remove barriers with six new stages.

Any educator can learn both theory and practical aspects to implement. Many of the resources for EduJedi are much more sophisticated than anything found anywhere else in the industry. For example, just the understanding of the “lay of the land” in technology has great utility. This Software Model Architecture graphic is studied by EduJedi:

The End Goal: No More Endless Fixing

Superintendents typically are saddled with having to have a “fixer” attitude, fixing graduation rates, fixing test scores, fixing curriculum, fixing teachers, always fixing. Increasingly, this tinkering with the internal methods and attitudes works only limitedly and the politics of it all can be soul-crushing. School leaders today are finding no safe equilibrium, just overwhelming challenges ratcheting up year-by-year. Turning to more technology feels right in some respects, wrong in others.

All the evidence points to a more contemporary and precise redesign – and it’s already happening in pockets nationwide.

The Future says that an educational structure redesign takes concepts from ecommerce, the modern digital routing of the shipping industry, and parts of social media, to transform the workflow of schools and teaching in an entirely different way. Interestingly, a way that brings back humanity in learning by reverse engineering from the student out to intersect more significantly with teachers.

The Future says what will work is definitely not the old-fashioned turn-around strategies of the last few decades.

Saving education and thwarting the mass attrition happening nationwide is important. For schools not yet feeling the struggle, helping them survive the threat of disintermediation directly online can be averted with more understanding. Sign up to learn important facts and their relevancy to needed change including:

• American consumers (parents and students) already spend $8 Billion more on quality animated and adaptive digital learning resources than all schools put together.
• Mathnasium store-front services and other entities that guarantee student achievement in math growing at phenomenal rates nationally.
• Online learning overtaking physical campuses for total students in Higher Education.
• The rise of smartphone use overtaking computers in retail purchasing and dominating as digital reading platforms.
• More than 7,500 software companies in the digital curriculum space, not including the main App stores or free resources.
• Personalization dominating industry tech trends in other markets.

“LeiLani is a true education industry thought leader who does a wonderful job of codifying the trajectory of education, showing how we are on the precipice of consumerization, and describing a great need for education to catch up to the Age of Experience.”

– Dan Stoneman (Former) Chief Innovation Officer, San Diego Unified School District