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The Learning Groups are all about your professional development, exploring each topic, and creating an outcome document, article or recorded sharing call. The groups are tasked with helping each other and the national market along trends and effective practices.

It’s free to join for educators. Any industry member must be a paid participant to sponsor the Learning Counsel’s coordination work.

1. Characteristics – UI
Discuss what goes on inside learning software and what makes for quality, rigor, and utility in schools. This group edits and uses the “100+ Digital Curriculum Characteristics” Paper. It is presently working on new UI/UX Learning Standards for Administrations, Teachers and Learners.

Education Chairman: Karla Burkholder, Director of Instructional Technology, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District
Outcome Paper/web pages 2020: UI/UX Standards, updates to Characteristics Definitions
Members: 45 Members

2. Instructional Digital Design/Academic Models – UX
Discussion about how learning things are designed, the software structures, systems, apps, curriculum maps, new frameworks, and professional practices.
Education Chairman: Chris McMurray, VP EduJedi Program, Learning Counsel | Former Asst. Superintendent, Evergreen Public Schools, WA
Outcome Paper/web pages 2020: UI/UX Standards

Members: 112 Members

3. Learning Gaming
Discuss the dynamics and trends of learning games of all kinds and their use in curriculum planning.
Education Chairman: Dr. Jasna Aliefendic, Technology Applications Coordinator, Garland Independent School District
Outcome Paper 2020: esports & Learning
Members: 38 Members

4. Analytics, Infrastructure and Security
Discuss things like what a school or district’s “Software Model Architecture” might be and making sense of the thousands of Apps, systems, integrations, infrastructure, security and analytics.
Education Chairman: Dr. Kristy Sailors, Director of Instructional Technology, Eanes ISD, Austin
Outcome Paper 2020: State of the Industry (title TBD)
Members: 53 Members

5. ReDesign – Operations & Environment
Discuss barriers to digital transition, redesign ideas, leadership issues, and getting a better learning experience for students.
Education Chairman: Peter Haapala, Retired Superintendent, Warroad Public Schools, MN
Outcome Paper 2020: Starting Points for Workflow Personalized Learning
Members: 48 Members

Committee calls will be convened quarterly.