AZ, NM: Everything Changed: Using Space & Time Today and Hybrid Logistics Best Practices


Many of the changes we see during the pandemic are real, and many will be permanent. Trends that have accelerated during the past 10 months will continue, and what we think of as the “Good Old Days” in education may never come again. Instead of thinking of this as the new normal, we may do well to understand that the pandemic has unleashed changes in public education that were necessary, and many of the changes we are witnessing are a response to market pressures that predated the Coronavirus by 10 years or more.

“According to LeiLani Cauthen, CEO & Publisher at the Learning Counsel News Media & Research organization, “How do you manage a schedule when you're riding a roller coaster of, are we in, are we out, are we in another lockdown, what's happening? And you've got some families who are happy with having been remote and now they're going to be asynchronous and your teacher's going to be teaching simultaneously most of the time. And so, what are those new principles of hybrid logistics? What does this really look like? We knew that many parents were frustrated with how remote learning was being done in a lot of places, because it was literally just moving what you were doing in the traditional public space of classrooms to online with Teams or Zoom.

“We have a lot of parents that are still afraid and really don't want to come back. And some of those loved the experience of more home time and they really want an altered structure now. And then you have the other parents who just really want normal back and they just want to go back to school, but it's the ones that experienced consumer grade learning exterior to traditional public education with a virtual experience that they liked. That is really the cause of so many superintendents and leaders, and administrators of all kinds telling the Learning Counsel for the last eight months, ‘Normal is probably not coming back.’ So, what does the future really look like?”

What are the factors that are driving change, and what does the future of public education really look like? In this special presentation, you’ll learn the likely outcome of the near-future of education as you explore the factors that are creating permanent change in public education. Learn how to leverage the available resources and understand the “present normal” and the market forces that dictate space and time and leverage best practices – even as many are being established on-the-fly. Is there a new normal? The reality is, we are creating it as we go.


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