AZ, NM: Local Panel of Administrators, Our Digital Transition


In the Learning Counsel’s regional Digital Transition Discussions. Perhaps the most popular feature is the Local Panel of Educators discussion. It is an opportunity for the area’s top education minds to come together to solve the most pressing issues of the day. In this discussion, Matt Federoff, Chief Information Officer at Vail School District, Dr. Cheryl Paul, Superintendent, of Sacaton Elementary School District #18 and James Butler, Senior Director Instructional Technology and Online Education at Tucson Unified School District discuss the desert Southwest’s most interesting education challenges. As it happens, these local experts also happen to be some of America’s top thinkers as well, so you are in for a real treat.

According to James Butler, “It's really, really hard on the human beings. Hybrid is particularly difficult. You almost have two different modalities -- the kids who are in front of you versus the kids who are remote and trying to do those at the same time. We long ago solved all the technical problems. We've got millions of devices out there. Our teachers have all their laptops. We have great Wi-Fi everywhere. We sent the document and cameras home with the teachers. We have done those things.

“The technical pieces are actually pretty easy to overcome with the proper amount of resources and will,” said Butler. “What we're doing right now with hybrid is really, really hard. It's hard on the human beings.”

Watch the discussion. You’ll find strategies to lessen the degree of difficulty in your most stringent challenges, and great ideas to alleviate many of your challenges altogether.


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