ID, MT, WY Everything Changed: Using Space & Time Today and Hybrid Logistics Best Practices


This presentation begins with Paul Richins, Regional Director at Achieve3000, a best of class digital solutions company that helps increase and enhance learning acceleration. Since 2001, they have helped millions of students and hundreds of thousands of teachers in every state and 48 countries. According to Richins, “We are able to differentiate instruction to meet the need of every student. We can help each student get gains at their unique place of space and time. We help the struggling reader see significant gains, the on-level learner, the advanced learner as well as the English language learner. It’s all about meeting the kids where they are, and helping them to grow and develop from there.”

In the main part of our presentation, LeiLani Cauthen, Publisher ad CEO of The Learning Counsel, says everything changed during the pandemic, and her presentation offered insight to the use of space and time to your advantage. “'I’m going to walk you through what we mean by hybrid logistics. This is like the intellectual forefront of what's happening right now in schools across America.”  

“How do you, as an institution, keep your humanity, keep precise human interaction and lift the quality of the humanity all while doing a lot more technology? That’s the question of this next age, says Cauthen. “Take a look at Amazon. They can get your cold box there with ice cream in most major cities on your doorstep in two hours. That's logistics. FedEx can get a box which is delivered by human hands anywhere in the world in 24 hours. That's logistics. So, how do we cause that same sort of precision and perfection of our human teaching and our human quality to intersect precisely where it is needed?


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