IL, OH, MO, IA - New Responsibilities for Digital Leaders


If you haven’t seen one of Chris McMurray’s presentations, you are in for a real treat. Chris is the Vice President of the EduJedi Leadership Society, and is extraordinarily active in its growth and development. In this presentation, McMurray helps explain the new terminology in digital education. And how that terminology is tied to new responsibilities in digital leadership. It’s a new world, and in this world the sophistication of the digital asset is directly tied to the freeing up of teaching staff to exact more teaching and drive more successful learning outcomes.

Also in this new world, leaders at every level are finding new responsibilities related to new levels of digital characteristics. According to McMurray, “There's a bunch of those resources out there in the world. As soon as we flip over into the feedback level, that feedback level is the first time that all of a sudden the machine is actually taking a lot more load off of the teacher. So if you've got a feedback level resource, the resource is actually starting to answer questions, it's actually starting to provide some information based on input. It's starting to do some of the work that a human might do at a certain level.

“You walk in the room, it already knows what basics need to be set up in order to be effective. That's awesome. Because that's taking the load off you, that stuff you don't have to do as the teacher, you don't have to do that because the machine’s doing it, the feedback level is starting to get there.

“It's going to lead them to other resources and there's context. And, and it does a good job of, of helping them be immersed into an experience around learning. And it has tendrils into multiple content areas. And it's just a good thing. The top of that scale, right, is the digital courseware. This is highly designed. This is a world that is immersive. It's leveraging all types of technology. And it's using AI. It's using a lot of  the technology that's allowing some predictive modeling and things like that to occur. And so what you see is that, that as we move over toward that, the teacher is now freed up to go do things that are human things and build those relationships and strengthen the social, emotional aspects of those experiences and really start to do what they do best, right?”

This is just a snippet of the amazing, thought-provoking experience Chris McMurray brings to the table. There’s a lot of excitement in the digital world, and rightly so. Knowledge in this world is power, and this power will allow you to maximize learning experiences and have a happier, more productive staff. So, click on the presentation and enjoy. Your staff will be so happy you did!


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