Introduction to Identity Infused Education


There's a new intellectual line of thought that is being discussed by the Learning Counsel. When we talk about the structural shift of moving to hybrid and remote with incredible flexibility, there's some rescue coming from the technology industry that will alleviate much of the complexity. According to Gavin McKelvey, Chief Marketing Officer at Identity Automation, “This term, identity infused education, is a new one and so it requires a bit of context. Everyone's re-examining what is the vision for the future of education and what does a Nirvana state look like? Closing the achievement gap, the digital equity gap, increasing student engagement. It has multiple connotations, but more personalized learning plans. Making sure that we have grade level appropriate curriculum and culturally responsive curriculum and performance responsive curriculum. et cetera. And, making sure that the learning workflows are supported appropriately, that maybe even some of the administrative workflows that exist are more automated and ultimately more responsive as well.”

This new Nirvana is withing reach. Just as technology has created challenges, technology can be the key to solving those challenges. You’ll want to watch this special Lunch and Learn presentation and see how Identity Infused Education can help your school or district.


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