No Ca, Everything Changed: Using Space & Time Today and Hybrid Logistics Best Practices


In the first part of our presentation, James Tremaine and Rick Lippert from Achieve3000. According to James, “We're seeing a lot of districts in the last six months. It wasn't just about literacy, acceleration. It wasn't about helping kids increase their standardized test scores, all those things that used to be the things that we, we were worried about because very measured against them. It was literally about how do we stay connected to our kids? Our solutions go way beyond just accelerating literacy and accelerating math, and it even gets into how do you stay connected to your kids? How do you stay connected to your teachers? How do you keep kids connected? Because right now that might be a bigger issue and dealing with the trauma that COVID has brought on maybe a bigger issue for you. And we're here just to let you know that we can help with all those things as well. Because our systems really lend well to keeping kids connected, not only to one another, but to their teachers and also to teachers for the families.”

Next, LeiLani Cauthen, CEO & Publisher, Learning Counsel News Media & Research. According to Cauthen, “When I get into this about hybrid logistics, I'm just going to say, I've had too many superintendents over the last eight months, tell me that they're witnessing the death of whole group. So we're in this muddy zone of, ‘I don't have the time or there zoom meeting everybody all day and people are exhausted.’ But the structure of bureaucracy, the way we out, we've always had it is administrator and teachers tend to look at it's a pyramid, right? Like people decide the general curriculum standards, push them down. And then behind that closed door in the classroom forward, even if it's hybrid or virtual, is up to the teacher.

“So they're the bottleneck then in terms of the distribution and access. What I mean by that is that as long as you're focused on whole group only, you can't get to full personalization unless you're using a technology like yours. So you're in this middle space as adaptive digital curriculum where you still bring back the teacher into the loop, but now you've automated the function of the distribution of some of the bits of knowledge and the interaction with the knowledge to return to the teacher enough time to actually eyeball kids, personalize for kids, catch up the ones that are like, ‘well, how come you haven't logged in for five days.’  So it's an interesting time because I am trying to make people look at the higher value software.”

In this new world of remote and hybrid learning, it’s all about using space and time to your advantage. Watch this amazing presentation to learn how you can master space and time to increase learning, engagement, and ultimately student success and satisfaction.


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