Northern California - New Standards & Basics Discussion


Common sense can be so utterly refreshing. In the case of Dr. Barbara Nemko, Superintendent of Schools at Napa County in California, her discussion with Learning Counsel CEO and Publisher LeiLani Cauthen was a genuine breath of fresh air in a time when the COVID pandemic has darkened the breathable air with fear and regret.

Many of the items discussed, the futility of testing, the use of superstar teachers to assist the learning and teaching for everyone across America, the utilization of virtual reality in CTE, and much, much more.

Dr. Nemko isn’t in favor of blowing up our present system of learning. She is in favor, however, of using our strengths to benefit learners. Most of what you’ll hear in this discussion isn’t new. But what you’ll hear is a heapin’ helpin’ of the best common sense wisdom can buy. Why not use the tools at your fingertips to benefit all learners? Why not use testing in such a way that it is actionable? Why not personalize learning so the kids enjoy it and want to succeed? Why not make virtual learning an asset, not a liability?

Many of the things that Dr. Nemko discusses are simple, yet simply genius. Because what is genius after all? Genius is the unique ability to see the obvious. So, watch this video. Then look around. It is very possible that the answers you seek have been there all along. Then you can go back to you own school or district and make the simple changes your learners need to have a better, more inspired life. It’s all up to you. You little genius, you.


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