The Reality of Ambiguity


The Campbell School of Innovation is built on three pillars that mirror the design thinking process. They work with their students on understanding based on empathy. If you're not familiar with design thinking, it is a problem-solving process that's based in empathy with the human side of things. They focus on people, but they want their kids to be able to look through a human lens and make sure they're really curious and asking the right questions. They want the students to really think about whether they are they solving the right problem before they lean in. The Campbell School of Innovation wants their learning to be public, authentic and relevant. Students learn about a courageous reflection processes and are able to take risks, And they model that with their staff.

This Educator Session on Hybrid Learning & Attendees Discussion, featuring Kami Thordarson, Principal at the Campbell School of Innovation, is a fascinating look at an innovative school model of the future. You’ll want to watch every minute of the video; it may be a harbinger of schools to come.


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