Transforming the Way the World Learns


“How do we transform the way the world learns?” That’s a big question posed by Kassia Kukurudza, Manager of Customer Success, K-12, at D2L (Design2Learn).  According to Kukurudza, “We have this mapping that we've been building out for years now around digital transformation that we've seen across K-12 education systems worldwide, a timeline of where we expect to see really strong digital transformation moving to online learning or moving to more technology-based learning in classrooms. What we've seen with COVID-19 this year has been an absolute crunching of that timeline down to a year or two with districts and teachers and schools trying to make changes and trying to adopt in very, very condensed and fast ways. That's really exciting to watch, but has created extreme questions and challenges around, how do we manage that change as educators? How do we manage that change as educational leaders? How do we manage that change as educational business partners and how do we support resiliency? How do we look at this as the beginning of an evolution in learning and not as something that we just have to deal with today and then move on?”

In this thought-provoking presentation, you’ll look at change management and begin to answer the questions you and your fellow educators are having in your own school or district.


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