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Info about the Hybrid Logistics Interchange Project

Status: Constructing a Hybrid Logistics Interchange

The Knowstory social media site already has specialized functions just for education institutions, curriculum and tech companies, students, and teachers. It is now working on a demonstration component to transform school’s logistics in hybrid learning. Knowstory is currently a fully free site for all educators, students, and companies. It will soon have more paid services to create a long-term sustainable model not fully dependent on the goodwill of Learning Counsel. Here is more detail on what’s done and under construction or under revision, as in having new function and integrations put into those sections of the site.
The parts of Knowstory include mobile App versions for iOS and Android that are limited to immediate social functions while the full site version contains many features. Investment in more mobile function is delayed until the full function of the main site is completed, and many of those functions will not be easy to make mo-bile just like buying a book from Amazon cannot be done inside the Kindle App. The vision of Knowstory is to assimilate all educational institutions into a digital ecosystem of options for students with their own independent life-long accounts. Students can affiliate to schools at will and upon graduation retain their full Story of what they know and learned along the way. Knowstory commingles the social function with the shopping and associating-with-schools functions.

Functional Sections of Knowstory:


Personal Page: Your graphic background, personal picture, name, favorite quote, city, state, education history, work history, date of birth, interests, favorite subjects, favorite films, favorite books, and favorite games. News feeds have posts that allow text, image, and video off YouTube. Other users can like or comment. Messages offer personal chats between users. Find Friends lists all users, shows a subtab for just your friends, and provides a way to manage friend requests.


Groups provides a way to create five types of social groups, some with added functions. A Group page has a graphic background, logo, name, descriptive overview, link to outside site, phone, address, and management functions such as keeping the group open for any new member to join or closed to only allow membership upon review. Admins of a group can add attachments, sub-groups, and a sub-page catalog of Kourses, Knowmixes, and Products. The Groups tab also has management of your requests out to join groups and requests to a group you might run for a list of those pending you have to accept or reject into membership. Interest Groups are for any type of educational group, clubs, teams, etc. District Groups are specialized with unique functions that allows them to tie in their schools as separate groups under their umbrella and other features like the inventory (called Invenstory) function and affiliating Kourses, Knowmixes, Knowcred and Products in the Marketplace. Members who join a District group or are rostered into it are given extra rights based on roles. School Groups are similarly specialized with unique functions in that they can stand alone with the same added functions as Districts or affiliate up to a district. Company Groups are for private enterprise to create membership, posts, and display Products independently of the all-companies Marketplace. Events Groups are for promoting an individual upcoming event, creating membership and discussion. Becoming a member automatically drops the event on your personal calendar.


The academic Standards catalog covers all 50 States and Canada for K-12. Tiles can be dropped into Bookmarks and are the background elements added in when any user makes a Kourse, KnowMix or Product that has tags for Standards. Bookmarks Just like many other social media sites, the bookmarking function is for users to “pin” items they want to keep organized into sections and folders. The sections include:

People Groups Posts KnowCred Products Records Standards

Foldering includes the ability to create and name new Folders that would contain any of the above items. This helps teachers and students organize. Future function will include the ability to bookmark off of any site with a “pin-like” add-on to browsers.

Invenstory Under Revision

Invenstory is a record-keeping function for teachers and schools or districts as to what is in use for resources. It is built with a tied tiered structure so that when a teacher affiliates with a school their list of inventory is automatically shared with the school. When schools affiliate up to their district, the same sharing occurs on sub-tabs. Teachers can create simple records of all the digital things they use but not attach them, or they can create a KnowMix and put that in the inventory as a record that contains the full lesson, attachments, links, video, steps and quizzes. They can also add products straight from the marketplace as a placeholder showing it’s some piece of software they use for their records. Records are given a name, who added the record, what the content type is, the subject, the grades it covers, what standards it purports to cover, any URL link, the file type, the platform, and the version. Tabs show your inventory as a user versus any Group you are a member of for what their inventory is. The admins of the school-level or district-level can see the fully shared lists of all users in order to see and sort by subject, grades, and standards.

Marketplace Has more construction to do

The marketplace is for all company learning products and any free-and-open resources to be found and used by affiliated group members or outside users. This includes Kourses and Knowmixes “packaged” into products so they appear in the marketplace and can be found by anyone who may then want to use them or enroll in your school. Every item has its own page upon opening the marketplace tile where more details can be found as well as a place for customer reviews. On any marketplace item tile, users can:

• “Add to Invenstory” a copy of the record which then indicates that item is one they are using. • “Add to Bookmarks” if they would like to make a wish list folder. • “Share with Friends” by sending the item to others.

Currently this market does not do full ecommerce for reselling. It is an “advertising tile” structure. Purchase inquires send email and notify the market item maker in the system so that a transaction can be done separately. Makers of any item in the Marketplace have special management and edit features.

KnowMixes Under Revision

A KnowMix is like a lesson sequence. It allows users to create and name a lesson and then add steps and quizzes. As a KnowMix is created, it will ask the maker to assign it to their Group which then makes it also available under that Group’s sidebar and full page of all products separate from the Marketplace. Packaging that KnowMix into a final version and sharing it into the Marketplace allows the global user community to see it rather than just the members of your school or district group. A KnowMix can be a sub-part of a Kourse. Users see a tab of KnowMixes they have added as a student as well as a tab for all the ones they are personally managing because they made them. These are sortable by grade and subject. Knowmixes require an “Examiner” be assigned who will interact with students to grade their answers to quizzes and grant them Knowcred. Knowmixes are under revision for this assignment of examiners to have more function and a tiered structure. Each Step in a KnowMix will soon contain details that allow it to be part of the hybrid logistics functions that include auto-cohorting students and calendaring live meetings.

Kourses Under Construction

Kourses are the longer version of a whole semester or year’s work with additional descriptors. KnowMixes can be attached under them in sequences. They will have additional functions for interrelating to the Kalendar for teacher and school/district planning.

Knowcred Under Revision

Knowcred is a reimagined badging system that is useful for student-to-student awarding of “cred” as well as authentically Awarded and Valid credentials. There are five levels of KnowCred that can be made as follows: Who is it from

• from Yourself (to give) or • from the Group you run

You then select if the Knowcred is

• for yourself (self-congratulatory) • someone else (which you find in Knowstory) • someone you will have the system send the finished KnowCred by email

You give the KnowCred a name, then select its Type, give it a Label, select it’s location (Home, school, church, camp, work, district, association, or group). Describe the activity for the award, add links as needed, chose a credicon or upload your own, and finally chose a background and border. The types are: Granted KnowCred are social and no checks are done to ensure the giver is a valid entity. Without at least the “granted” label, the Knowcred was self-made because it wasn’t granted by someone else.

• Social – which is for students to give each other or for those “Gold Star” moments. • Extra-Curricular – are creds around sports, music and art currently and are available from anyone to anyone. • Grades/Marks – are real grades or percentages or any icon uploaded to resemble things like “Satisfactory.” • Certificates – are real certs indicating a completed program. • Diplomas & Degrees – are full completions from an institution.

Awarded KnowCred are from any member of a school or district group given that right -- a teacher or the admin(s). A Knowcred that shows it is “Awarded” is only available from the admin or any teacher affiliated with a group, not students. It’s Awarded and not Valid if the school or district is not a paid subscriber and able to grant Valid status. Valid Knowcred are from an annually paid Group that has been vetted as authentic. Any member of a school or district group given that right -- a teacher or the admin(s) can mark Valid any Knowcred, no students.

Kalendar Under Construction

Kalendar is an answer to hybrid school logistics with a twist. It will present different levels of calendaring so that schools can better manage learning. What’s different about this feature is that it is part of the Hybrid Logistics Project to reimagine the structure of schooling. The most important differences are:

Master Schedule Transformation automation. This means a way to manage the alternate schedules happening as schools go hybrid with A/B weeks, A/B days and divergent daily block schedules, but with the added capacity to “uberize” individual learning steps. This is the “invention” of Knowstory and a protected intellectual property.

Pacing Guide automation. Most schools have articulated their plans for pacing academic standards and instructions to teachers through documents and spreadsheets. The lack of automation meant more difficulty in lesson planning because teachers had to check documents against their allotted time slots in the whole calendar while viewing separate lesson planning work.

Auto-cohorting and auto-calendaring. This feature allows teachers to mark steps in KnowMixes as points that are necessarily live teacher intersections. That makes those steps different than self-paced study steps, which may be any asynchronous learning at links, Apps, or other resources. Teachers can set the step to “trigger” a calendar appointment for an x-number of students once that entire cohort arrives at that step. If the cohort is set at 10, then when the 10th student arrives, the Kalendar checks available teacher time and notifies all students for the class moment together. This structure allows the schooling to change its structure to a main “House” room for segments of students who study every subject together until flighted out to a class. All students can pace every subject individually. Teachers may help in rotation to run the House but are otherwise roaming to help individual students who might need help to move faster. They may be doing one-on-one direct instruction, office hours, checking analytics or writing custom lessons for individuals not succeeding on the normal steps when they are not alerted to hold a class step.

Hybrid flexibility. Schools and districts have radically altered their scheduling with students in segments within alternating weeks, alternating days, changes to block schedules and a lot of remote students. The Kalendar presents maximum flexibility.

DataStory Under Construction

This function shows metrics for users with dynamic graphics based on different functions such as student(s) pace through Kourses. When ecommerce is added to the marketplace, companies will see more data and users their purchase histories and spend in Invenstory.

Integrations Story Under Construction

Schools and companies who need integrations for rostering, badges, their Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information System (SIS), will be able to use these functions to integrate. Knowstory is planning to add functional integration with Single Sign-on (SSO) services, including within Knowstory and with Knowstory as one of the elements of SSO services. Special services to integrate major catalogs of products like courses and ebooks with redirects to those companies from the marketplace will also be part of integrations.