Pro Networks

Learning Leadership Society is a membership organization of over 400 schools, districts, and individual educators. Formerly known as the EduJedi, they are thought leader contributors to editorial, events, and projects. Benefits include access to special reports, networking, professional development exercises, analyst access, digital learning experience standards access, invitations to attend and speak at events and more. Learning Leadership Society members are ones who know the learning transformation end game.

Expo Achievement Schools are individual schools and districts committed to the vision of the future of education as outlined in the Learning Counsel’s Becoming Expo Learning Special Report. Expo Achievement Schools are implementing new structures and strategies for a school organization’s people and physical spaces alongside technological transformation, as they work toward experiential and personalized learning.

The Hybrid Logistics Project proposes educational transformation through the dis-aggregation of the grade-and-class structure to a hybrid model of time and space use, characterized as learning “uberization.” The Project works with education leaders on the vision’s practical utilities for teachers, administrative calendaring logistics, student personalization potentials, helping disseminate the research, and developing the first Hybrid Logistics Interchange (HLI) showcase software.