Levels to Attain

Levels to Attain

Personal & Institution Levels by Survey

Individual teachers, tech directors, curriculum executives, and superintendents can earn skills levels with paid membership. Free to all institutions is the annual Digital Transition Survey. This annual national survey typically has close to 500 schools and districts respond, many of which use the lengthy survey as an instrument of self-assessment. As schools and districts work through their answers, this survey causes a lot of internal discussion. These are the “levels” of Survey Awards. The Learning Counsel, which launches the survey every year, awards the Top 10 in each category. See the Survey info pages.

EduJedi Attainment Levels

School & District EduJedi Rankings

Teacher EduJedi Rankings

Grandmaster Very high degree of student personalized screen learning/live teaching blended together in a student-centric model with fully redesigned space, curriculum, schedule and organizational/staffing restructure of roles and responsibilities; high proficiency utilizing all ed-tech; curriculum and administrative workflow algorithmically refined to perfection in full digital curriculum map at standards down to individual pathways levels; high emphasis on experiential aspects; dramatic achievement results and huge demand from students to attend. Warrior A teacher-of-teachers and guardian of “what works” for quality digital learning experiences. Advocate of true individual paths for students and changed use of time, space and pace with a dynamic model technology architecture as a means of truly meeting student needs.
Master Good amount of screen learning/live teaching blended together into an increasingly student-centric model with a good amount of redesigned space, curriculum, schedule and organizational/staffing restructure; integrated resource systems utilizing discrete and adaptive digital curriculum; good amount of workflow enabled; good focus on experiential aspects; rising achievement and increasing attendance demand. Maestro Has become an expert at designing digital learning experience according to EduJedi Standards and manages individualization for students exceptionally well.
Knight Intentional refinement of ed-tech tactics in play, including a good degree of integration between systems and types of apps, some administrative and personalized learning workflow enablement. Experience focus has moved beyond in-classroom redesign only to involve more spaces, more flexibility, and has emboldened initial changes in instructional/tech staff. Tech is embedded, not a separate “subject” only. Leadership is leveling up to challenge norms and create even better achievement results. Scholar Facile at managing both live and remote learners and multiple tech tools at the same time. Uses new instructional design for the changed environment and ensures EduJedi Learning Experience Standards.
Achiever Increasing screen/live teaching blended learning creating a magnet for student attendance. In-classroom redesign with some new staff supporting new instructional ed-tech function. An extension of offerings to support varied student and/or community needs and schedules. Various digital systems and resources including both discrete and adaptive digital curriculum becoming integrated; points of proven growth creating an increasing culture of achievement. Padawan Increasing recognition of the right blend of the “force” of tech and intersection with direct human instruction fit to the individual child. Has familiarity with the EduJedi Learning Experience Standards. Is apprenticing with the new EduJedi Instructional Design Model for crafting learning.
Innovator Innovative use of ed-tech to engage students and the community. Trend-aware and utilizing various digital systems and resources to create gains; moving through change-management with students, staff and organizational supports. Making progress working on points of achievement improvement in critical subjects. Guide Uses a wide arena of tech and apps appropriate to learning activities including managing user experience simplicity. Has familiarity with the full EduJedi Dictionary definitions.
Gainer Intentional ed-tech tactics in play. Deploying various digital systems and resources while executing change with students and teachers. Arresting any decline in engagement while already gaining ground with the community; headed for academic achievement growth. Adept Skilled at various tech and apps for their subject(s) and adept at lesson plan sequencing with all of them. Has familiarity with how to personalize learning and uses some digital courseware.
Member Courage and will to help students with exposure to technology. A point of light acknowledged by the Learning Counsel through survey submittal and an intensive review. Ace Courage and will to help students with exposure to technology. A point of light acknowledged by the Learning Counsel throughsurvey submittal and an intensive review.