Curric-U-Can! How 2 Districts Leveraged SSO to Deliver their Dream Curriculums

Educators create more vibrant classrooms than ever by leveraging the connectivity and power of Single Sign-On (SSO).

Classrooms can be chaos – compounded by painful access problems and password fatigue. Educators grow frustrated when technology issues exacerbate instructional downtime - derailing extensively constructed courses and lesson plans.

Evolving far past login management, SSO is now a critical component to minimizing classroom challenges and delivering curriculum:

• Teachers utilize the resources they want, minimizing login issues (e.g. QR Code login for K-2) and rostering maintenance

• Curriculum Directors’ decision-making hinges more on value, less on technical specifications or limitations

• Reporting capabilities provide insight into resource adoption and usage data, demonstrating actual value and engagement


Explosions of apps, devices, and browsers ensure that maintaining integration and access of learning resources in or out of the classroom is complicated – see how two districts have implemented SSOs within their environments to achieve just that!

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