Getting Ready for the Age of Experiential Education

Do you need an advantage for your school? For your teaching? A new point of leverage is emerging for schools using advanced networks and anything connected to the Internet for lessons that transcend school buildings and drive unavoidable relevance to your curriculum.

The concept is called “Digital Cohesion,” and it’s already here. This is more than geo aware education applications. It is a number of “micro-applications” coming together to form a spontaneous and immersive education experience.

Let’s put this in perspective. Digital Cohesion in education means using the world and the things in it to interact and drive experiential learning.

There are things you can do now to prepare your networks for this next level of student connection with their learning.


The Timeline to Reach “Experiential” Education: Many school districts are edging up to higher levels of connectivity and are considering institution-wide and remote wireless access. However, hardware installations and Wi-Fi capability is really just a first step. Today’s teacher and learner expectations are shifting dramatically as consumer tech shifts real-world and career realities. Download the paper for the stages of where things will go, the timeline to act, and why.