What Are Teacher’s Future Roles?

Taking advantage of the best of consumerized learning while building experiential centers for students (a.k.a. highly “personalized”) with administrations means new roles in addition to new policies and new structures.

What might some of the jobs in education be like in the future?

This infographic contains thirteen of the probable job descriptions in the future for the education sector.

Since no one really knows what the future looks like for certain, a lot of creativity is already going into defining job responsibilities and titles for what could happen with the digital transition. What absolutely needs to happen is for reallocated staff to have a distinct posture to co-opt the best in digital learning and to reposition their institutions as focused on experiential work.

Download the Future Teacher Roles infographic

Content for this infographic is excerpted from The Consumerization of Learning. Read the book and be part of the discussion about how schools are finding a new relevancy at the natural end-point of digital transition: maximized live experience and quality digital learning, also known as “expo” education.