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Learning Counsel flash internet seminars are designed to be rapid researched-based professional development for education executives and administrators. Leaders in edtech and district and school transformation share their experience, best-practices and tools on how they are making the shift.

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Past Event Recordings

The wonderful thing about ClassLink is its ease of use. With the blink of an eye, access is taken care of – for students and their parents

Don’t miss this fascinating discussion on the importance of digital leadership throughout the district strata

When it comes to equity of access in digital learning environments, there’s more to consider than meets the eye

ClassLink is a wonderfully simple program to use with an amazing amount of utility

This is the future of education, and the method in which a real personalization can come into play. It all sounds a bit complicated, but once it is in place, it will make everything much simpler 

These two leaders lay it on the line, not only discussing the lessons they have learned, but doing so in a kind of refreshing honesty that is rare in public discussions

It takes a certain kind of wisdom to make the hard choices, to keep the wheat and remove the chaff in an organization as complicated as a school district

You’ll want to watch the video to understand the rest of the pressure points educators are experiencing, and to get the inside story on American education 

Don’t be afraid of User Interface/User Experience discussions.The UI/UX science is still developing but needs to be part of the everyday vernacular of all educators.If you don’t know that you should require 404-error redirects built into the backend of all learning software in use, you could be losing students in digital jungles. Attend to join the EduJedi concern of responsive design aiming for quality digital learning experience with new Standards.

The topics roll quickly, the challenges are laid bare, and the solutions are intelligent and useable for districts nationwide