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Learning Counsel flash internet seminars are designed to be rapid researched-based professional development for education executives and administrators. Leaders in edtech and district and school transformation share their experience, best-practices and tools on how they are making the shift.

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Past Event Recordings

Eddie Millwood, Director of Digital Convergence at Hall County Schools and Penny Christensen, E-Learning Specialist at Hall County Schools are learning how to make virtual learning work for the district’s 27,000 students. In this educator session, they share strategies for supporting virtual teachers in their district and some very carefully thought-out next steps in their virtual journey.

Join the Cobb County School District Instructional Technology team as they share how their Future Focus philosophy led to a smoother transition for teachers during Remote Learning due to a worldwide pandemic. We will discuss the steps taken before, during, and after to prepare & support our district.

Jay Heap, Associate Superintendent for Enterprise Services and Applications at the Georgia Department of Education and Sarah Newman, Supervisor of District Support at Georgia Virtual Learning look at the challenges for classroom teachers created by remote learning in March and the ability to transform teaching models to meet the needs of families and students. These experts focus on future opportunities and learning models that will bring positive change to learning environments for all children.

Dr. Matt Waymack, Director of eCLASS Development at Gwinnett County Public Schools takes you on a fascinating step by step journey as the district transformed during the COVID-19 closure. You’ll hear how the district made technology decisions, get an insider’s view of their instructional strategy, and learn about how they handled staffing and substitute teacher issues to keep the learning going.

Dr. Debbie Durrence, Chief Data Officer at Gwinnett County Public Schools shares her district’s initiative to transform teaching and learning through a concerted focus on student data. You’ll hear how they took their information management and technology division and divided it into data governance, information security, and information management and technology. The result was the ability to meet the needs of all their students in the school district and provide parents with a choice in what that learning would look like for their students as they moved into this very different school year.

There’s some magic happening in Georgia, particularly around the Atlanta area. The friendly competition between districts on ed-tech had been going on for years before the sweep of the pandemic. What Learning Counsel found is a mindset difference that allowed a calmer transition into quarantines than virtually anywhere else in America. The new normal of hybrid learning has been an adaptation these districts were already going toward – but what really lies beneath such leaders is a culture of excellence. This webinar is a conversation about the logistical differences and adjustments of these districts, with additional questions regarding the mindset and leadership moves made by all.


In every Learning Counsel Digital Transition Event, one of our most popular features is our Local Panel of Educators. It is an opportunity for the areas brightest minds to get together and solve the most pressing challenges of the day. This year’s Florida event featured Dr. Connie Kolosey, Director Media, Text and Digital Learning at Pinellas County Schools, Maurice Draggon, Senior Director of Digital Learning at Orange County Public Schools and Mariel Milano, Director of Digital Curriculum at Orange County Public Schools.

OCPS has a goal to be the top producer of successful students in the nation. They have been on a journey to do that with digital learning and believe they will be able to increase student engagement and achievement by personalizing learning for all students through the use of digital content and tools. Also hear how the district took a two year plan and implemented it in mere weeks, providing an additional 70,000 devices. When they made a pivot to asynchronous distance learning in the spring of 2020, and another pivot to remote learning in the fall of 2020, they had to focus on three levers: Capitalizing on communication, providing professional development and training, and investing in their instructional systems.


In this educator session, Stephanie Acosta Castro, ESE Chair and Coach at Coral Park Elementary, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, shares the particular tech she is using, as well as her particular wisdom. Castro is an ESE director, overseeing 20 staff members, including ESE teachers, district-assigned SLPs and occupational therapists. According to Castro, “We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm. Although we're all going through COVID and we're all learning the new normal, no two families are experiencing it exactly the same way.”

See how the experience of JoAnne Glenn, Principal at the Pasco eSchool translates into academic success during this time of hybrid and virtual learning. According to Glenn, “There's like a sweet spot between having complete control and losing some of that academic freedom that really makes a classroom a vibrant experience for our kids but wanting to limit the burden on teachers. It's definitely been an experience in terms of establishing some different communication patterns in our district so that when teachers feel like an activity is not the best way to teach something, they have a way to collaborate with our curriculum specialist and rethink it.”