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Learning Counsel flash internet seminars are designed to be rapid researched-based professional development for education executives and administrators. Leaders in edtech and district and school transformation share their experience, best-practices and tools on how they are making the shift.

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Past Event Recordings

Hear how this district  modeled both new and existing technology tools during a day of professional learning that allowed teachers to experience virtual learning 'as a student' and our in-house personalized learning modules that allows teachers to advance their tech skills regardless of their current level. 

“I tell people every day, it's like we're all in our first year of teaching because we are all encountering things that we've never encountered before. And we're all encountering problems that have to be solved on the fly.”

There is not a clear path, nobody out there is an expert on how to overcome the challenges of pandemics in PK-12 education. We have been called into action to overcome what is likely the most interesting professional challenge of our lifetime and we are all acting according to what we think is best for our students

Sharing our experience with the logistical and technical challenges of reopening a school district on time. What are the best practices being used in moving to hybrid, the behind-the-scenes logistics?

Innovation is a word that is bandied about often, particularly in this time of increased technology and COVID-19. But if necessity is truly the mother of invention, then these troubling times can be our most innovative times

You can learn a lot from a district like the North Bergen School District. Their presentation, Whole Team Approach is Key in Building a Hybrid Plan, is a step by step approach to getting it right in our return to school. From social emotional learning to navigating the always present COPPA laws to the challenges of teachers in a digital world, the North Bergen School District is a prime example of crafting the right plan and then implementing the plan with fidelity.

The first step to teaching remotely is getting your teachers and students comfortable with learning online. When offering his teachers PD, Dr. Gaskell quickly learned that the old rules may not apply. In this important Educator Session, you’ll hear Dr. Gaskell share his school’s newest strategies, often learned in a “we’ll figure it out” environment.

Marlboro Township Public Schools (MTPS) is a 5000-student district in Monmouth County, NJ. They are technology-rich and have been working on their digital transition for the past eight years. Yet even with a robust offering and a tech can-do attitude, MTPS is experiencing real challenges as they return to school on an AA,BB system. Click on this educator session to discover the surprising solutions this district is finding to ensure every student succeeds during this period of hybrid learning.

Today’s times demand a whole new level of personalized learning to keep students engaged in various and ever-changing environments. With a focus on meaningful and applicable skills, a San Diego based charter school shares the ins and outs of setting up and monitoring student-centered learning plans and forming personal learning networks to facilitate a higher level of learning and agency. 

The San Diego County Office of Education's Innovation Division was uniquely situated and prepared to take on the challenging task of providing online distance learning to forty-three districts during the COVID crisis. This support was based on relationships that had been established between the Innovation Division and county district leadership. The opportunities provided were customized to fill the needs of districts and provided teachers support during each phase of their learning process. Their multi-pronged approach allowed for customization and was flexible enough to change as the district's needs evolved.