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Learning Counsel flash internet seminars are designed to be rapid researched-based professional development for education executives and administrators. Leaders in edtech and district and school transformation share their experience, best-practices and tools on how they are making the shift.

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Past Event Recordings

The challenges created by distance learning have put a sharp lens on the lack of access equity for students (and their families).  Fortunately, the problems are not insurmountable, and districts are finding solutions to connect all or nearly all their learners. In this Learning Counsel virtual discussion, find out what successful school leaders and smart tech companies are doing to ensure that every learner has access to the same high-quality education.

The new school year is almost upon us, and many questions remain. Planning for the 2020/2021 school year is a guessing game at best, with one-part art, one-part science, and a generous helping of soothsaying thrown in for good measure.

As we reopen our schools, everything seems to be on the table. The question of using true digital, professional-grade courseware vs. digitized, often teacher-created curriculum is an important one. In this episode of the Learning Counsel’s Dawn of New Strategies virtual discussions, you’ll hear some of our nation’s top digital experts discuss the pros and cons of this question in the shadow of the COVID-19 crisis

There is no magic bullet for schools to successfully navigate the aftermath of COVID-19. Even our nation’s best education minds are feeling their way through, combining technology with a generous dose of caution as they plan their Autumn returns. In this episode of the Learning Counsel’s virtual discussion series, top education leaders are asking the right questions to keep our children safe as they keep learning moving forward.

After the devastation COVID-19 has done to the American economy, many of us don’t know how we can help. The simple truth is that now as always, there is a direct and immediate relationship between education and the economy. As the recovery begins, schools are finding themselves at ground zero in the economic recovery efforts. Their importance is crucial, and this Learning Counsel virtual discussion will help you and your team to stand on the front lines, as schools become the epicenters of our economic response to the Coronavirus pandemic

Learning is at a crossroads, and the decisions we make today may well set the course for the coming years in educational instruction. In this Learning Counsel Crossroads Virtual Discussion, some of the country’s leading STEM (and STEAM) experts explain how they are working through the limitations of the COVID-19 lockdown, and how they overcame some very daunting challenges to find success for their students

How does the school world look after quarantine? Everyone is planning some sort of hybrid model of learning, but definitions of hybrid learning may be forever changed. In this episode of the Learning Counsel’s virtual discussions, some of our nation’s brightest education leaders discuss what is to come, and how they plan to make a new version of hybrid learning work in the aftermath of school quarantine.

We have come a long way since we taught readin’ and writin.’ But even with the amazing progress we have made in the science of literacy, it is still sometimes more of an art than a science. With the school lockdown and the sudden mandate of full-time virtual instruction, the art of literacy has become a little murky. The rules of the game have changed, and America’s education leaders are having to figure it out all over again. In this episode of the Learning Counsel’s Crossroads Virtual Discussion series, some of the top minds in delivering literacy instruction have come together to share ideas and give you the benefit of their experiences, both good and bad.

Studies identify the optimum screen time for children, and most schools are very careful to adhere to the guidelines. Even so, the question of screen time is never far in the background, especially during this time of COVID-19 and forced virtual learning. In this episode of the Learning Counsel’s Crossroads virtual discussions, you’ll hear some of America’s leading experts in virtual learning address the problem.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, districts reported that social emotional issues were their number one pressure point. Now that districts are forced to deliver learning remotely, the need for social emotional learning is even higher. In this Learning Counsel Crossroads Virtual Discussion, some of the nation’s most successful districts share their SEL strategies