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Learning Counsel flash internet seminars are designed to be rapid researched-based professional development for education executives and administrators. Leaders in edtech and district and school transformation share their experience, best-practices and tools on how they are making the shift.

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Past Event Recordings

It is absolutely amazing to see how Matt and Allison moved the pieces around to rethink, redo and remake the educational structure through the pandemic and beyond

Experience the experience standards and prepare to enhance the digital experiences of your learners

In these Tennessee districts, just like your own district, there are many lessons learned… so far

This discussion can serve as a model for proper professional development. You’ll want to take plenty of notes; this is a guide for every school district in America

Don’t miss a minute of this frank, open and revealing briefing. You’ve read the headlines, now go behind the headlines to understand the factors that are shaping public education


The Learning Counsel’s Lunch and Learn discussions are a great way to investigate the products and services recommended by Learning...

ClassLink is one of the “must-have” tools of the post-pandemic world. Tune into this special Lunch and Learn, and get the information you need to find out why

Eliminating systemic inequities is hard work, but it is very important work. You won’t want to miss a single minute of this highly informative discussion

For over a hundred years, students have been regimented into grades and classes and sameness of teacher-led instruction. What are their responsibilities now that more asynchronous learning, the wide-open internet and non-linear courseware learning is afoot? Transitioning from only doing-as-told to initiating digital responsibilities is the new chasm to cross.

These administrators have interesting problems, no doubt many of the same problems you face at home in your own school or district. But even more interesting are the solutions they present. You won’t want to miss a single minute of this fast paced whirlwind of a discussion – but be ready to take copious notes – you may find many of the answers you’ve been searching for, right here.