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Learning Counsel flash internet seminars are designed to be rapid researched-based professional development for education executives and administrators. Leaders in edtech and district and school transformation share their experience, best-practices and tools on how they are making the shift.

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There's a whole thing about how tech motivates that if you just sort of opened your eyes and you start looking at the software you're using, you'll understand. The appeal to the mind of the student to navigate and be involved has a lot of variation based on age and also motivation.

You’ll want to watch every minute of this powerful presentation, as Diffenbaugh takes you through the LEARNER acronym. Listen, Empower, Analyze, Resources, Needs and Relationships. It’s a different world, and you’ll need every inch of knowledge you can get for yourself and your students. Enjoy!

“'I’m going to walk you through what we mean by hybrid logistics. This is like the intellectual forefront of what's happening right now in schools across America.” 

How do we engage students in more active conversation? How do we support teachers to make sure that they have capacity to engage students even further and ask students to have conversation and revise their thinking?

Hear about strategies to lessen the degree of difficulty in your most stringent challenges, and great ideas to alleviate many of your challenges altogether

Don’t miss this very entertaining and enlightening educator discussion and get ready for even more rapid changes in your own school or district

Don’t miss this high-powered discussion by the Learning Counsel’s VP of Leadership, Chris McMurray

When we talk about the structural shift of moving to hybrid and remote with incredible flexibility, there's some rescue coming from the technology industry that will alleviate much of the complexity

What are the secrets to motivating your students during this time of remote learning? According to Learning Counsel research, 85 percent of respondents said motivating learners remotely was a top concern

By any standard, the Buckeye Union High School District is impressive – particularly in terms of technology. They are perennial winners of the Learning Counsel’s EduJedi Awards and are renowned nationally for their progressive use of technology as a driver in student success.

In this educator session on hybrid learning, you’ll see how they became a powerhouse in student learning as they chart their course from a modest start 10 years ago to nationally recognized district leadership during the darkest days of the pandemic..