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The Learning Counsel is a research institute and news media hub, focused on providing context for education’s transition to digital. Our membership is comprised of 215,000 Superintendents, tech and instructional administrators, curriculum specialists, thousands of publishers, and interested enthusiasts anywhere in the teaching and learning field.

There are many opportunities through events, industry publications and online promotions for your company to work with the Learning Counsel and reach our leadership audience and share information about your products or services. Download our EdTech Marketing brochure.

Learning Counsel Publications

This is true marketing awesome-ness. Make your company and product known and generate leads. The Learning Counsel’s Special Reports, Journal Posters, Whitepapers and other publishing products fill a need to understand and bring order to the organizational issues no one else is talking about.

Our 215,000 member audience online and discussion at every live event we produce (28 cities!) makes this one BIG marketing splash with big lead generation. Talk to us about what will best fit your company strategy.

Present Your Solutions to Education Executives in Special Meetings Across the U.S. — 28 Cities in 2019

The Learning Counsel specializes in leading the leaders, providing perspective and organizational tools on the transition to digital. 2017-2018 events were truly magical, with our most powerful attendees to date, generating even greater enthusiasm for education from the leaders in schools and districts, and the companies who graciously sponsor.

The 2019 events will take it to the next level once again. They will be research-led discussions with a focus on the next stage in transition—Redesign. They will bring an understanding of the latest innovations, challenges and solutions from around the country, including the market dynamics that are pressuring educators from every side.

Event Attendance

The average attendance at the Digital Sustainability events in 2018 was 30+ senior executives for the day. For 2019, we have three categories of event discussions: Meetings — 15-25 education executive attendees; Events — 26-50 education executive attendees; and the National Gathering has 51-100 plus. The desire of The Learning Counsel is to keep the main part of the day an intimate discussion format. Attendees get a day full of discussion with each other and presentations by the sponsors on topics unique to the digital curriculum space and transitioning schools.

National Gathering and Superhero Awards

A national retreat-style event that brings your sales or business development staff into relationships with a national audience of district Superintendents, curriculum executives and top IT management who are real budgetary decision makers in schools. Outcomes include participation in groundbreaking new decisions on standards and implementations in key districts.

The Gathering is a real leadership moment, filled with innovative ideas for educators tackling authentic transition to digital in a special retreat-style atmosphere. The first evening is a reception and presentation of Survey Results and Special Speakers. The next day is filled with Keynotes, Breakouts, Learning Groups and Workshops. The final half-day features keynotes, group discussions and National Survey Awards.

Join us for the 2019 Gathering on November 15-17 in Dallas, Texas.

The majority of income from Learning Counsel self-funds Knowstory, a new social media concept now in beta version offered in a freemium model to the education world. As a social media site with discussion forums about “all the digital learning things,” KnowStory gives schools, students and teachers a way to inventory and analyze their curriculum collections against changing government standards.

A major appeal are the working committees of educators, using KnowStory to hammer out the definitions of terms such as “character” versus “avatar” and what is meant by “gamification” inside courseware, and more.

There are many options to sponsor with this evolving social media site. Visit KnowStory.com and contact us to learn more.

Contact us at sponsor@learningcounsel.com

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The Learning Counsel’s mission is to help transform educational systems through digital curriculum strategies; enhance the creative construction of digital learning resources between teachers, administrators and publishers; and ultimately help all learners everywhere become more engaged in knowledge acquisition for life success.