2018 Survey

The 2019 Survey Is Now Completed. Stay tuned for the results. 2020 Survey coming soon

The Learning Counsel’s premier annual U.S. K-12 Survey collects data to rate schools and mark national trends in how digital transitions are happening, particularly from the view of software sophistication, devices and network infrastructure. It is also a school “Self-Assessment” Tool because schools find that just the process of answering all the questions helps them to talk more amongst themselves and work out strategies to meet or exceed efforts in the surveyed areas nationally.


Highlights of the 2018 Survey

  • Spend on all hardware, networks and major systems software was at $16.6 Billion in 2018.
  • 60% of Schools/Districts that Issue Individual Students a Digital Device.
  • 67% that expect purchase of digital curriculum to increase.
  • The Digital Curriculum Spend was 10.5 billion versus 7.7 billion spent on paper resources in 2018.
  • For schools, Inadequate Budget for digital has risen to become the largest barrier to digital transition but Digital Curriculum Training (PD) remains the 2nd largest concern.
  • 70% of school cited “too much testing” as the most common teacher-related concern with digital issues.
  • 75% of teachers are using digital more than 25% of the day.
  • 45% of schools and districts are going without an LMS because they see Office 365 & Google Docs as alternatives.

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Buy the Report to see what we mean by these key analyst take-aways from all the data:
  • The K-12 Ed-Tech Market is doing exactly what we predicted and is presently in the precise conundrum all markets go through on their way to being transformed because of technology.
  • Hardware and major systems software spend is down while digital curriculum is significantly up.
  • There are many pain points schools are now aware of showing up in the survey.
  • The leading innovator schools and districts are already into the serious task of organizational change, which has deep meaning for what comes next in tech for schools.

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The Learning Counsel provides this survey and assessment tool for U.S. K-12 and equivalent international educators about digital curriculum strategies. When we cut off responses in October each year, we then select the Top 10 respondents to join us at our national Gathering event for an Awards Ceremony to honor their achievements.

The Learning Counsel ranks the composition of an institution’s:

  • Policy elements.
  • Pressures recognized.
  • Budgets for curriculum and tech.
  • Nature of digital transition.
  • Digital curriculum tactics.
  • Percentages of time teachers spend on search and custom lesson planning.
  • Tech stack.
  • Nature of professional development.
  • New technologies in consideration.
  • Programs the institution is proud of, results and achievements moving to digital, and further plans to stay competitive.

The data resulting from this study will be used to produce a key findings report editorialized by the Learning Counsel.

Winner interviews will be publicly promoted with video capture, editorial on the Learning Counsel site, and press releases to general media outlets.

"As our district was transitioning to digital content it was critical to conduct a needs assessment early in the program planning and development process. Without understanding the needs, interests, and objectives of our current state, we would not be able to provide the vision and resources that effectively meet the needs of our district. The Learning Council’s 2015 Digital Curriculum Strategy School Assessment Tool & Survey proved to be a valuable tool with this process! Through the survey, we were able to understand the extent of our digital content implementation, identify the gaps in our implementation of digital content, and gather the information about next steps in our action plan. This also provided a great opportunity to engage current staff members in the planning and implementation process."

Kahle Charles
Executive Director of Curriculum
Department of Assessment,
Curriculum and Instruction
St. Vrain Valley Schools