Portland, OR/Seattle, WA - Virtual Transition Discussion

Feb 3 2022

Portland, OR/Seattle, WA - Virtual Event

February 3, 2022 - 8:30am-1:30pm Pacific Standard Time


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Half a day of intensive professional development and challenging new ideas to bring back to your school or district. 

Attend to contribute to lively discussion with other educators and hear the once-a-year briefing for your area. 

  • National Digital Transition Survey Briefing
  • Find out what administrators said versus what teachers said on our annual national Survey.
  • Distinguish between active and passive screen learning trends.
  • See if you’re keeping pace with the number of digital content resources pre-purchased and available for teaching and learning nationally. 
  • Compare your school or district to the national averages with digital resource coverage for core, supplemental, electives, special needs, and professional development. 
  • Find out what the new model of schooling is of most interest nationally versus what schools and districts are doing.
  • Hear the numbers nationally of staff now spending more than 50% of their time on logistics.
  • Find out what new special disaggregated services schools are now offering and in what percentages like live-chat tech support or learning, home-school content plans, split-time personnel and more. 
  • Workshops on Digital Learning Experience Standards, Definitions of Digital Terms, New Instructional Design & Schooling Design Models, plus Emerging Tech Issues. 
  • Beyond digital citizenship, device and software PD is a new vista to conquer. The EduJedi Leadership Society has worked on defining these next levels. Attend for four mini workshops where your will be introduced to new ideas and discuss with peers. 


Agenda - 8:30am-1:30pm 

8:30am-10:00am - The Briefing: Learning Counsel News Media Natl. Digital Transition Survey Results & Intro to the EduJedi Reference Guide

10:00am-11:40am - Discussion Workshop, Small Group Breakout Rotations                                                                                                    

     10:00am-10:25am - Task Table 1 - Defining Digital Terms                    

     10:25am-10:50am - Task Table 2 -  Digital Learning Standards               

     10:50am-11:15am - Task Table 3 - Emerging Tech Issues               

     11:15am-11:40am - Task Table 4 - Digital Instructional Design & New Schooling Models                                      

11:40am-12:30pm - Lunch & Guest Speaker - Educator Guest Speaker & Sponsor Info-minutes

12:30pm-1:00pm - Hybrid Logistics Briefing or 2nd Educator Guest Speaker

1:00pm-1:30pm - Guest Administrator Panel Discussion (recorded for national redistribution)


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