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Most schools have teachers with students live in classrooms and teaching students attending remotely via video conference. This tends to "tie down" the teacher to their desk. Attend this webinar for ideas about helping teachers be free to move about, while still being seen and heard by remote students, as well as students further away in the classroom who may be behind plexiglass. Tips on changed lesson planning and enhancing engagement despite the changed conditions will be a major part of the discussion.

The newly distributed nature of driving achievement now includes parents and a needed increase in both communications and data sharing. Doing these things easily is the trick. What about Spanish-language transcription for one-to-one and one-to-many texting? Legal compliance in message retention? What data should be shared? What to consider when both the student and parents are “off-grid” and hard to find? Attend to learn and discuss the issues about opening new channels of access and inclusiveness for your school brand.

The spectrum of technology use in K-12 has shifted. For some schools this meant the advent of technology to support remote and hybrid learning. For others, the more tech-imbued schools, technology use expanded to support new models of learning.

Join us as we reveal the eight major models of learning and discuss their organizational and technology implications.

Digital Identity doesn't mean just a name on a roster with grades anymore. Explore how digital identity management is the true foundation of personalizing learning and building a modern cybersecurity program.

Teacher time gains, student achievement gains, and general relief by administrators will be points in the discussion.

Just because a student is conntected to the internet doesn't mean they have equitable access. Attend to hear the concerns and solutions from both technical and academic leaders.

Learn about digital lesson planning with an eye to the sophistication of types of digital presentment. What is meant by user interface and user experience? See different scales that help you differentiate low-value from high-value resources.

How does lesson planning work when teachers blend in digital courseware and outside collected works sites? What's different in designing learning in hybrid environments?

51% of students have lower achievement according to a January 2021 national survey by the Learning Counsel. School leaders have challenges assessing those gaps, addressing them and adjusting their curriculum planning. Thoughtful human response combined with professional-grade quality tech, complete with simple user experience, may be the learning acceleration needed for your students.

In this Local Panel of Administrators discussion, these local administrators happen to be among the best educational minds in America

Here, in one succinct presentation, you’ll learn about a myriad of programs you can use in your own classrooms