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Four High performing individuals, in four very different situations, with one thing in common. Each school or district has shown extreme excellence in digital learning

You’ll want to tune in and hear the challenges both award-winning districts have had, and the absolutely brilliant ways both districts have harnessed technology to create a superior learning environment for their staffs and students

In this segment of the National Gathering, the Learning Counsel recognizes surveyed teachers who have made significant advancements in their digital knowledge. In the 2nd part of this video, Cauthen announces the awards for schools and districts

Your Host LeiLani Cauthen, CEO at the Learning Counsel Publishing and Research, began the day with a Market Briefing based on the National Survey, the most comprehensive digital survey in K-12 education

It’s time to shift to best practices with school digital resources. While the software field has been zooming ahead in sophistication, for the past year teachers have been scrambling to knit together lessons from scratch. Find out what the impacts may have been on student achievement, and what could be done to assist weary educators for the next year.

Does your digital require a lot of manual? The issues with digital learning in schools right now is that it is a mere digitization of old methodologies. It doesn’t use the full majesty of digital parlance and is frankly flat and boring. There are Standards, you know? And they’re simple if you understand the language. Balance bling with academic purpose like a pro.

The wonderful thing about ClassLink is its ease of use. With the blink of an eye, access is taken care of – for students and their parents

Don’t miss this fascinating discussion on the importance of digital leadership throughout the district strata

In this Lessons Learned episode, the challenges were nearly universal, and the answers were sensible and easy to adapt

“So you know, if schools look different, they should, and we do want to keep that perspective in mind.”