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“So, the first thing that has to happen is to ask, what do you have? Is it just documents, is it short form digital, which is professional grade stuff, is it long form digital?"


When schools open to a hybrid learning model this Fall, many parents report that their children will not be returning. It is incumbent upon schools to not only provide a superior learning environment, but to be able to communicate that value to parents. In this episode of the Learning Counsel’s Dawn of New Strategies discussions, two leading California districts discuss their strategies for retaining their students during this time of pandemic recovery.

Teachers have always been at the center of learning, but what we’re finding is teachers have become even more important as the world has been forced to virtual learning

With the uncertainty about the Fall opening of schools, the smart money says you need to be able to provide instant remote, built for any student and any staff member. In this episode of the Learning Counsel’s Back to (e)School Tactics Discussions series, education leaders from large and small districts as well as charter schools discuss their strategies to successfully provide on-demand remote learning.