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Inform Your Company’s Strategy with Results from the Learning Counsel’s 2019 National Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey

  The Learning Counsel today released the results of its sixth annual Survey of School and District Digital Curriculum Strategy and Transformation. 462 K-12 U.S. Schools and Districts responde...

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Learning Counsel CEO Pulls No Punches at this Year’s National Market Briefing

At this year’s Market Briefing, based on the results of the Learning Counsel’s National Digital Transition Survey and delivered at the 2019 National Gathering, Learning Counsel CEO LeiLani Cauth...

LeiLani Cauthen


OR/WA 2022: The Briefing

In this virtual Digital Transition Discussion for Washington and Oregon, the discussion began with a briefing from LeiLani Cauthen, CEO and Publisher of the Learning Counsel. “Part of what we'll...

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The Survey Says… Big Tech Purchases with More Tech to Come: Looking Back to Look Forward

The U.S. K-12 sector spent $35.8 Billion in 2020 on all things EdTech, including hardware, major software systems, digital curriculum resources and networks, a healthy increase of $7.5 Billion o...

Charles Sosnik


The Learning Counsel’s 2019 National Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey Yielded Surprising Results

Highest pressure now coming from students’ social and emotional needs

The LC Staff


Schools Say Highest Pressure Stems from Their Students’ Social and Emotional Needs

Exclusive findings from the latest Learning Counsel Survey

LeiLani Cauthen


National Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey Results Released

86% of Schools Expect to Spend More on Digital Curriculum in 2017

Learning Counsel Staff


Salt Lake City, UT 2022, The Briefing: National Digital Transition Survey Results

  Learning Counsel CEO and Publisher LeiLani Cauthen opened the Salt Lake City Digital Transition Discussion with a detailed briefing of the latest National Digital Transition Survey. In front...

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Three Near-Term Innovation Areas for K12
K12 human resources are crucial to utilizing the cloud successfully. Roles and responsibilities have all changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic, and a new trend to move to core co...
An Essential Audio Ingredient in Today’s Accessible Learning Environments
Today’s learning environments have changed markedly from just a couple years ago, prior to the pandemic. Tech devices are comprehensively in both the student and teacher hands, but are they missin...
The Gaps Remaining for District Digital Transition
Most administrators know there are still gaps remaining in their school or district’s digital transition. Recent studies including the 2021 Digital Transition Surveys for Administrators and Teache...
5 Steps to Fixing the Hidden Traffic of Records Management Overwhelming Schools
How come digital processes seem easier but are often harder to manage? A major shift to digital teaching and learning in schools has developed an additional digital traffic load for teachers and f...
From Chaos to Learning Recovery: Going from Manual-Digital All the Way to Efficiency
Seeing the Levels of Chaos Helps Anchor Bringing Order Schools and districts that recently lost 4 percent of students to alternatives continued to lose students in 2021 at an accelerated pace (no...
Hybrid Logistics Security
Your district is a brand, and your network security helps power its reputation. With the accelerated move to hybrid learning environments over the past year, school districts across the nation are...