About Us

LeiLani Cauthen

LeiLani is the most connected thought leader in K12 education. She is the CEO and Publisher of the Learning Counsel and produces leadership training events in twenty-two or more U.S. cities annually and keynotes other conferences. Her on-the-ground approach for the last ten years connected her with districts of all sizes as well as charter schools, private schools, and government leaders.

LeiLani has over 28 years of experience in News Media and both quantitative and qualitative research, four years in software, two years in legislative work in California – a particular achievement of which included language in SB1386 passed by Senator Steve Peace in California related to software security and encryption.

LeiLani Cauthen is well versed in the digital content universe, software development, the school adoption process, school digital curriculum and systems coverage models, and helping define this century’s real change to teaching and learning. She is an author of The Consumerization of Learning, many articles and Special Reports, a Podcaster, and can be seen frequently on video recordings of live events.


Chris McMurray

Currently serving as Chief Academic Officer, Chris is engaged with school leaders across the country working toward transforming teaching and learning experiences through a culture of entrepreneurialism and personalization, leveraging technology. His work with the Learning Counsel is to strengthen the services available to schools through oversight of the Learning Leadership Society, in addition to leading the Innovation Services division of the Learning Counsel.

Chris has a passion for creativity, and has been in educational, community development and business leadership roles ranging from teaching to strategic business development and systems implementation. Previously an assistant superintendent, principal, staff developer and classroom teacher, he combines his passion for teaching and learning with marketing and strategic development, to foster innovation in the education sector. Prior to entering education, Chris enjoyed a career in advertising as a creative director, then shifted to the information technology field to lead marketing and initiatives in new product development and strategic business alliances.



Learning Counsel’s objective is to provide news, research, and context on American K12 education change.

Starting in 2014, Learning Counsel launched its news site and the first national survey on digital transition. Our executives also produced meeting-style events for school and district administrators in fifteen cities. From the beginning, we showed administrators how the industry of education stacked up against other industries and what was happening in high tech. A unique perspective on education being a system within the greater eco-system serving the American public produced insights found no where else.

The impact of providing context for effective strategy by K12 education continues to be felt nationwide as Learning Counsel produces live and virtual events for school and district leaders.

In 2022, Learning Counsel added our Innovation Services division, the Hyrid Logistics Project, and two more pro networks to directly aid schools and districts with expertise.


The Learning Counsel is a research institute and news media hub with 310,000 readers that provides context for educators from ongoing analysis of trends and a deep understanding of new dynamics in technology, systems, and school administration. Our mission-based organization was the first to develop a thesis of education’s future based on tech and cultural evolution — and start helping schools advance systematically with live field events and the direct work of the Learning Counsel Innovation Services division.

Innovation Services is a division of the Learning Counsel dedicated to helping schools advance systematically and manage change through a range of partnerships, including live events, consulting, and unique multi-year engagements with a professional diversity approach.

Learning Leadership Society is a membership organization of over 400 schools, districts, and individual educators. Formerly known as the EduJedi, they are thought leader contributors to editorial, events, and projects. Benefits include access to special reports, networking, professional development exercises, analyst access, digital learning experience standards access, invitations to attend and speak at events and more. Learning Leadership Society members are ones who know the learning transformation end game.

The Hybrid Logistics Project proposes educational transformation through the dis-aggregation of the grade-and-class structure to a hybrid model of time and space use, characterized as learning “uberization.” The Project works with education leaders on the vision’s practical utilities for teachers, administrative calendaring logistics, student personalization potentials, helping disseminate the research, and developing the first Hybrid Logistics Interchange (HLI) showcase software.

KnowStory is a dynamic calendaring and communications interchange for teaching and learning as well as edtech vendors. With free and paid services, it is an interchange used for the Hybrid Logistics Project to transform live learning intersection to be highly personalized and flexible. It has supporting marketplace function, social groups, events posting, bookmarking, badging, academic standards library, dynamic inventory management, and integrates to existing systems.

Systemic evolution with a professional diversity approach.

Innovation Services is a division of the Learning Counsel dedicated to helping schools advance systematically and manage change through a range of partnerships and resources, including live events, consulting, and unique multi-year engagements.

The team, consisting of practitioners at all levels of the educational system and private sector can personalize partnerships to meet the individual needs of systems and educators as they work toward personalized learning and technology architecture models. This professional diversity gives our partners a distinct advantage and makes us uniquely positioned to help school systems succeed in a changing global and local context.

Formed around four pillars of practice: Vision, Research, Learning, and Innovation, our work addresses current and future issues and strategies being experienced across the country, and leverages research and publications by The Learning Counsel and its partners to help schools and districts evolve forward.


“I know I'm slow to express my gratitude for the opportunity to experience your event, the National Gathering, in Albuquerque. I must tell you that not a day goes by I don't find myself sharing stories, facts and other bits of information that I learned at the Gathering. You know your work is important when I find myself sharing with others and wishing they could have heard what I heard. The exciting thing is knowing there will be more opportunities for many more to benefit from your events in the future. Thank you for your generosity and your hard work as you continue to organize these gatherings and share all the knowledge and experiences gleaned from so many people. Warmest Regards!” -- Max Clark, Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum & Finance, Clerk of Board of Education, Kingman-Norwich USD 331, Kansas
“I truly enjoyed my experience at the roundtable discussion,” --Lindsey Cadenhead, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Red Oak ISD, Red Oak, TX
“Thank you very much for inviting and including me yesterday. I found the day to be a great use of my time, and look forward to more work together in the future. All the best,” -- Brian Gatens, Superintendent, Emerson Park, NJ
“Thank you for the great workshop on Thursday! This whole day made me very energized and I wish to keep this momentum going when I speak with my superiors.” -- Jason Neuman - M.Ed: In. M., Instructional Technology Specialist - Technology & Information Service, Hernando County School District, FL
“An event like this doesn’t have hundreds or even thousands of people like some others I’ve attended—it’s intimate enough for you to meet the right people and build lasting relationships with peers as well as companies who you need to have conversations with. You leave here with things you can implement as soon as you hit the office.” -- Cleon Franklin, Director of Virtual Learning at Shelby County Schools
“Outstanding article... and thanks for allowing me to be a part of the day...I was so happy to help move this agenda forward. All the best,” --Adam D. Fried, Ed.D., Superintendent, Harrington Park, NJ
“You should know that all the instructional technologists who came are now meeting 3 times/year. Once face-to-face (this time in Katie,) and the other two virtually, to discuss initiatives. This was an outcome from the Learning Counsel's event.” --Beatriz Arnillas, Senior Information Technology Manager, Houston ISD
“Really enjoy the periodic newsletters you guys are sending!” -- John Connolly, Chief Technology Officer, Consolidated High School District 230, Chicago, IL
“Attending a Learning Counsel event is a good opportunity to create or stretch a vision, is a good opportunity to develop strategies to implement a 1:1 initiative, is a good opportunity to learn about resources and is a good opportunity to network with vendors. It becomes a great opportunity when school districts come in teams because in addition to the information presented, your team spends the day collaborating and idea sharing which truly develops a shared responsibility of creating a digitally enhanced educational environment that improves instruction and learning.” – Eric Godfrey, Superintendent, Buckeye Union High School District, Phoenix, AZ
"The feedback I heard from my customers who attended the Denver event was overwhelmingly positive, and they wish that they had more of their colleagues present. " -- Jamie Gansmann, B.Ed, M.Ed, Regional VP, Amplify
“The Learning Counsel has helped education leaders chart a course that includes actionable data and current trends. The knowledge we’ve gained at the Gathering guides our work as we continue to strive for excellence in teaching and learning through digital platforms, tools, and practices.” — Janell McClure, Ed.S. Director, Digital and Multimedia Learning Cobb County School District
“Thank you for your hard work in putting this event together. It was a rewarding experience for me and my colleagues. I personally appreciate your support of this long journey we're making through the digital learning environment. Thanks again,” -- Leng Fritsche, Ph.D., Asst Supt - Student Assessment, Houston ISD