Research by Learning Counsel helps inform the nation as to the nature of school and district transitioning with digital.

Annual Major Surveys

Learning Counsel conducts the nation’s largest annual survey of schools, districts and teachers to assess trends and what is happening with technology. Key questions may include:
  • Strategy maturity
  • Highest pressures
  • Types of technologies
  • Planning and execution of programs
  • How schools define what a teacher is
  • Amount of time spent on digital traffic
  • Number of digital content resources
  • Paid versus free resources
  • List of Apps
  • Percentage of lessons pre-built by teachers
  • Predominant schooling models
  • Preferred schooling model
  • Emerging tech interest
  • Stable versus unstable administrative areas
  • Master schedule planning and staffing
  • Tech vetting procedures
  • Spending and planned increases
  • Special Services
  • Types of professional development
  • Percentage of spend on digital only
  • Models and Strategy components
  • And more

Many education leaders claim they “learn while they take the survey” because the questions provoke internal inquiry as to practice and structure.

Each year the Learning Counsel analyzes 1,000 or more completed surveys and selects top schools and districts that have indicated new innovations for granting rankings levels.

To award a rank, Learning Counsel staff go beyond the survey responses spend many hours reviewing each applicant’s websites and activities posted online. Analysts also interact with schools and districts to get completed data for final profiles.


Periodically, Learning Counsel launches mini-surveys to assess national interests in emerging topics. During the pandemic, mini-surveys helped establish critical interests to provide focused reports and virtual event discussions.


Past National Survey Awards


Survey Awards Levels



Learning Counsel Honorable Mention In recognition of great works towards digital transitioning to modernize teaching and learning. Learning Counsel Honorable Mention In recognition of great works towards digital transitioning to modernize teaching and learning.
Learning Counsel Gainer Recognition In recognition for gains in overcoming barriers, bringing teams together with common understandings of goals and purposes that helped drive hybrid learning. Learning Counsel Ace Recognition In recognition for discernment in digital tool use applied to expand learning.
Learning Counsel Achiever Recognition In recognition for considered technology-plus-human-teaching strategies with detailed tactics being carried out to accomplish new heights in learning. Learning Counsel Adept Recognition In recognition of skillful interweaving of technologies with quality student-user experience in mind.
Learning Counsel Innovator Recognition In recognition for role and outcomes pioneering, plus comprehensive curriculum changes using digital technologies to innovate learning in new ways. Learning Counsel Scholar Recognition In recognition of applied personalization through a masterful use of digital curriculum to help every student achieve.
Learning Counsel Sustainer Recognition In recognition of sustainable practices that acknowledge the importance of human teaching alongside powerful use of technology to measurably increase learning and adapt teaching. Learning Counsel Maestro Recognition In recognition of creating a symphony of autonomous personalized learning opportunities through liberal use of digital curriculum resources which allow more attention by the teacher to humanize learning and provide for needs.
Learning Counsel Distinctive Excellence Recognition In recognition of distinctive excellence with a teaching and learning redesign providing flexible use of spaces and schedules to artfully personalize learning for students. Learning Counsel Hero Recognition In recognition of designing learning journeys that capitalize on togetherness with hands-on, discussions, and other activities while simultaneously leaning on expert digital curriculum to distribute and provide personalization analytics.
Learning Counsel Expo Meritorious Recognition In recognition of showing excellency in providing paths of learning in a perfected combination of in-person and virtual experiences that are completely personalized.