For Vendors

Recognize and Remove Obstacles to Fly High in 2023

What’s the greatest burden on you or your business? What might you do to control it — to remove it? How successful might you be once unburdened? Often, we reflect on our personal achievement...

Ross Romano

Three Insights for Just-Right Pricing

Sometimes, we fall in love with possibilities. Many EdTech entrepreneurs become business leaders to transform education and to reach students who might otherwise be left behind. We fall in lo...

Daylene Long

“K-12 Education Expectations for 2023”

As we enter the much-needed holiday break in districts across the country, we’re also marking the half-way point of our first “normal” academic year since the pandemic. There’s no denying thi...

Trenton Goble

Still Think Sales is Sales? Not Since the Pandemic

The Pandemic has forever changed the education sales call. During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools around the world were forced to pivot and buy their EdTech entirely online. And now that the p...

Michael Spencer

One Quick Strategy for Anchoring Your Values

Transitions are a near-constant when building, running, and growing a business. We face a change in our own status as we shift from a leader of a small, scrappy organization into the face of a...

Ross Romano

Are International EdTech Markets the Best Place to Scale?

Expanding into international markets while you're trying to establish your company may sound daunting, but it’s often a simpler and faster way to generate scalable revenue.

Michael Spencer

Which Solutions Will Stick Once ESSER Funding Is Gone?

It’s the multibillion-dollar question that business-to-education (B2E) marketers are trying to predict: Once the federal COVID stimulus money has been spent, which programs and services will ...

Lauren West

It is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Everywhere You Go

And somehow, the brilliant mega-retailers arranged for every little morsel to be laid out along the Christmas trail to bring us right up to (and beyond) the blessed event. It started with Black...

Charles Sosnik

As the Leader of Your Company, You Keep It All Together – Now Just Let Go

Sometimes, you just need to let it all go. I’m not suggesting that you give up. I’m just saying that when the stress builds to a boiling point, you stop, take a breath, and allow the stress to...

Charles Sosnik

Industry Has an Important Role in Teaching for Racial Equity

What does it look like for each of us — independent of our role or stature within the education ecosystem — to meaningfully contribute to gains in educational equity? Recently, I’ve been worki...

Ross Romano

The Pleasure of Taking Pains in Your Work

When I was teaching high school English, one of my favorite texts was John Ciardi's  How Does a Poem Mean?  His love for poetry shines on every page, especially when he mentions "the pleasure of...

Mac Bogert

You’re “Marketing” Edtech but You’re Not: Hope You’re Shocked by This

Nearly every EdTech company has an incorrect definition of marketing. Marketers ask sales staff what they’d like to do, and they always say more events. Every EdTech vendor spends enormous amoun...

LeiLani Cauthen

Texas Students Participating in FEV Tutor Sessions Attain Higher Growth Scores on NWEA MAP Growth Assessments

A Texas Education Agency-approved tutoring provider, FEV Tutor is proving to substantially close learning gaps through its high-dosage, online tutoring model that serves as an extension of classroom instruction

The LC Staff

ParentSquare Names Sashangar Sreetharan as Chief Financial Officer

Sreetharan brings experience from prominent institutions including Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Co.

The LC Staff

Reaching the Top by Removing the Middle: The Power of Holistic Marketing in a Post-COVID World

The disruptive cacophony of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation is still ringing in the ears of many industry leaders, but those who have found their footing are realizing an importa...

Chris Bretschger

Working with Schools? Help Them Seize Communication Opportunities

But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood   Whether you’ve heard the song via Nina Simone, The Animals, or countless other covers, the...

Ross Romano

Never too Old (or Good Looking) to Make a Difference

Most of you are too young to remember Joe Willie Namath. The Alabama standout quarterback and all-too-brief “greatest ever” leader of the NY Jets used to have a saying, “I can’t wait till tomorr...

Charles Sosnik

Colossal Branding Failures and How to Avoid Them: A Guide for EdTech Companies

We celebrate failure in our family. It’s a STEM thing. We like it better, however, when an epic failure belongs to someone else. (Thanks, mom, for the competitive gene.) In the world of produc...

Daylene Long

Attention Company Executives: Practice Compassionate and Authentic Leadership (on Yourself)

We leaders are under tremendous pressure, not only to do the work of the organization but also to care for those who do the work alongside us. For that reason, our days are long, and the task li...

Tamara Fyke

You are the Authors of Our Future

It occurs to me that within this newsletter audience of 7,000+ EdTech company executives, the solutions for virtually every education challenge can be found. Let me say that again. This Lea...

Charles Sosnik