What do a district with 1180 students and a district with 6800 students have in common? More than you might think. In this Educator Guest Speakers presentation at the Learning Counsel’s Denver area Learning Leadership Symposium, Patrick Sandos, Superintendent at Sheridan School District 2 and Charlotte Ciancio, Superintendent of Schools at Mapleton Public Schools give a joint presentation, sharing ideas about philosophies and what makes their very different districts very similar.

On the one hand, Sheridan School District 2 is smaller than a lot of inner city high schools, with 1180 students, 94 percent of whom are on free and reduced lunch, and 23 percent who are homeless. In addition, 60 percent are English language learners.

On the other hand, Mapleton Public Schools has 20 schools that are “small by design,” and students pick their own schools based on their matriculation goals. And whatever schools they choose, the district provides transportation to and from.

Yet aside from the obvious size difference, the districts have remarkably similar philosophies, and both are highly successful by almost every conceivable measure.

You’ll want to watch this very informative presentation, and be prepared to take notes. You’ll find a number of innovative ideas that can work in your own school or district, regardless of the size.