Whether it’s bullying, discrimination, suicidal thoughts, or dangerous behavior, students face a variety of threats. STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP!, a product supplied to districts and schools that work with PublicSchoolWORKS, is an easy, effective way to report any concern, any time.

Formats/platforms used:

Website and app (via smartphones)

Primary website’s URL:

https://staysafespeakup.app/, a service of PublicSchoolWORKS

Problem solved:

Students are on the front lines at school and can help prevent small issues from becoming large problems, but only if they’re equipped with the tools they need to report safety concerns. PublicSchoolWORKS’ 24/7 threat-assessment team monitors the reports that come on the STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! app, from across the nation, to help ensure issues are addressed accordingly with schools. Each issue includes an assessment, next step recommendations, documentation, and resolutions.

Automatically generated reports ensure schools are in compliance with state and regional legal mandates. This makes it easier for schools to detail statistics and courses of actions taken.

STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! also helps create the culture of a safe school environment, while encouraging parent, student, and community involvement.

Grades and/or age ranges:



Lesson time needed:

STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! is an easy-to-use, self-guided app that does not take up lesson time.

Pricing model:

The pricing is based on a school or district’s student enrollment.

Additional services needed:

STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! is a standalone app and doesn’t have additional needs to function.


What makes STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! unique?

Giving Students a Voice: With STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP!, students can call our 24/7 team or go online to describe concerns, upload video, and, of course, remain completely anonymous.

Increasing School Safety: Whenever students report a concern, the app instantly emails your appropriate staff. If the report describes an immediate threat, the PublicSchoolWORKS team will contact school officials until we reach an appropriate person.

Making Data-Driven Decisions: The app’s data analysis allows administrators to identify patterns of student behavior, producing easy-to-read reports to drive anti-bullying and safety measures.


STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! is designed with a user-friendly interface so that students can report concerns as easily as possible.

https://staysafespeakup.app/#learn-more (video)

Here’s what users are saying:

“We finally have a system that addresses the communication preferences of today’s students. It’s easier and quicker for students and administrators.”

—Business manager, Vandalia Butler City Schools

“One of my favorite features of STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! is that there is someone at PublicSchoolWORKS who monitors and lets us know if a tip is serious, then starts a phone tree to our designated district leaders. I get calls at church, in the middle of night, whenever—which has been great peace of mind. STAY SAFE. SPEAK UP! has helped us with student safety and helped us remove things that are a rumor, or innuendo, and to follow up on things that are more serious.

--Randy Wright, Chief of Administrative Services, Olentangy School District