With Safety iResponse, your school will be prepared to handle any crisis. Easy to use and packed with power, the platform will give everyone the information and tools they need to complete their tasks, while also allowing them to gain knowledge and experience along their pathway. You can monitor all of the safety activities for your school through our online console. The dashboard makes it easy to observe, track, and coordinate safety efforts, and you can easily compile all relevant communications and actions taken during specific incidents for post-incident review. Safety iResponse integrates our best-of-class technology with your legacy systems, preserving existing investments and most importantly, ensuring seamless crisis response. They have significant experience integrating with Enterprise Networks, LDAP, and Student Information Systems.


Formats/platforms used:

Safety iResponse can be used with any web browser as well as CrisisGo’s app available on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Alerts can be received by email, SMS or Voice with no download or app required.


Primary website’s URL?




Problem solved:

Safety iResponse helps people to handle any crisis. It solves the problem of coordinating emergency events in an organized way because it can be set up in as little as 5 days and is easy to use.


Grade/age range:

Safety iResponse can be used for all ages of teachers, staff, administration, safety leaders, district leaders, SROs, and more for K12 education with opportunities for higher education use as well. In addition, Safety iResponse includes Safe2SpeakUP, a COPPA-compliant companion app to CrisisGo for users ages 18 and under. It allows students toanonymously report bully-related activity involving themselves or their friends. Additionally, students can submit safety tips to their school’s safety team for issues like drugs or weapons on campus. Safe2SpeakUP users can communicate with the school officials that oversee bully-related incidents, as well as participate in message groups that their school districts have granted them permission to access.


Core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development?

The CrisisGo app is available in 6 languages. The system is customizable to meet unique safety needs and to provide a safe method for managing extracurricular events.



Safety iResponse can be mapped and customized to meet the standards and response protocols being used by the organization.



Lesson time needed:

Safety iResponse requires minimal (if any) lesson time. Training can be easily completed online or through the app, and informational material and support is available for teachers, staff, administration, and district leaders.



Pricing models:

SaaS subscription model based on number of students and terms of the agreement.



Additional services included:

Safety iResponse is including Direct911. Direct911 feature will transmit location information to the 911 dispatch operator, anywhere in the country, without having to first install CrisisGo technology at the public-safety answering point (PSAP). Every PSAP supporting E911 will get CrisisGo Direct911 location information automatically—without requiring any incremental installation of any kind.



What makes Safety iResponse unique?

At CrisisGo, safety must involve much more than alerting. Safety iResponse covers the full scope of safety, from prevention and preparation to response and recovery. It has the ability to manage the command center, drills and escalate to first responders when necessary. Real-time communication is key to keeping track of the status of all stakeholders.



Safety iResponse includes a powerful feature, Safety iControl, within the command center that unifies communication from all parties including teachers, staff, administration, first responders and more. Accessible with any web browser, people can share their real-time incident status and situational awareness. It can easily be implemented in as quickly as 5 days with little staff training necessary. It provides the tools needed to integrate with multiple systems, and access to the solution on any device. This safety solution is the easiest way to ensure everyone is notified and to know everyone is safe in any organization. Active participation leads to more engagement.



Here's what users are saying:

“The staff feel so much better because they say, 'it’s just one more tool we have our toolbox to help us in case something would happen,' but again, if they aren’t practicing it, they wouldn’t know how to use it.”

--Leisa Breitfelder, Executive Director of Student Services, Linn-Mar Community School District


“This is a great safety platform. First of all, you have your safety plans in your hands. Second of all, if you’re a district or safety administrator, you can quickly change the plans if you need to. Faculty and staff also feel more secure.”

--Dusty Hawkins, Safety Coordinator, Morgan County Charter School System