Breakout EDU’s library of educational games levels up classrooms into engaging, learner-centered experiences. With in-person kit-based experiences; and interactive, standards-aligned digital games, Breakout EDU is designed to immerse players into a challenging mission that builds valuable social and emotional learning and 4C Skills (collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking) that are vital to success in and out of the classroom.



Breakout EDU’s platform is web-based and can be found at


Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

Educators are empowered with the resources to create a positive and supportive classroom culture by removing barriers that allow students to practice the 21st-century skills that will help them in and out of the classroom.

Educators can invite students into a safe space where they can take risks and acknowledge that failure is a part of the learning process.



Grade/age range:

With Breakout EDU, K - 12 students of all learning abilities can walk away with a meaningful experience where they were engaged, contributed, and played an active role in achieving a common goal with their classmates.


Core or supplemental:

Breakout EDU is a complement to the core curriculum by removing barriers - immersing each and every student, regardless of their academic abilities in a meaningful, engaging learning experience. With a vast selection of games that support and supplement standards-aligned content, students are challenged to work together to solve complex problems using 21st century and SEL skills.



Breakout EDU has thousands of games, many of which are Standards-Aligned to CCSS and NGSS:">


Lesson time needed:

Breakout EDU offers a game for every lesson plan or time allotment! Educators can choose from a 5-minute Lock of the Day, a 30-minute Digital Game, or a fully immersive kit-based game.



Pricing model:

A Breakout EDU school-wide subscription includes a 12-month subscription to the Breakout EDU platform and 10 Breakout EDU Kits. Special pricing is available for District purchases. To request a quote, please fill out the form at


Additional services needed:

Everything you need to successfully play a Breakout EDU game is included in your purchase.


What makes Breakout EDU unique?

Breakout EDU is unique in that it transfers the ownership of learning from the instructor to the student, making it easy to observe how learners approach problem-solving and apply their content knowledge.



Breakout EDU has dedicated sites for teachers and for students. The functionality is clear and easy to understand and the user interface is easy to navigate and learn. We offer a robust search for teachers to find and access games for use in their class. In addition, we aim to make the sharing of these games and the tracking of student progress easy and clear.  The student website experience has been designed with student creativity in mind. Students can easily access the games they are assigned and also create their own games with our powerful and very simple to use Game Design Studio.



This is what users are saying:

“There are very few jobs now that don’t require problem solving and collaboration. What better way to learn these skills than with Breakout EDU games?”

- Tana Ruder, Instructional Technology Specialist


“Breakout EDU gives students who struggle a chance to finally show what they can do.”

-Donnie Piercey, 2021 Kentucky Teacher of the Year


“Learning the content is nice, but learning how to solve problems is even more important. Even when the task is hard, students are finding a way to get it done.”

-Tina Risinger, Math Teacher


“With a Breakout EDU challenge, they’re trying to figure out the ins and outs of something and how it works, which is what research is about.”

-Heather Wysokinski, Supervisor of Accountability and Library Media