CritterCoin is the first positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) solution to leverage Houses and NFTs. It is available free forever to students and teachers.

With CritterCoin, schools sort students into Houses, then teachers create custom-branded 3D coins to reward students for positive behaviors. Coins can reward effort, achievement, attendance, and more.

Every coin a student earns increases their balance in the CritterCoin Reward Store and contributes to their House score. Students in the top-scoring house each week automatically earn collectible digital Critters which they can convert to NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain.

Accessible on web and mobile devices, CritterCoin offers ClassLink integration, providing easy rostering for schools and allowing students to access their accounts without logins or emails.

Launched in 2022 by powerhouse K–20 technology innovator RedCritter, holder of 24 EdTech patents, CritterCoin is already being used by thousands of students around the world.

As schools and districts around the world launch PBIS initiatives, CritterCoin is there to help teachers bring those concepts to life in the classroom in a way that’s fun and free.



CritterCoin is available on the web or through Android and Apple apps.



Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

At a time when districts around the country are using PBIS to build community, CritterCoin helps schools maximize successful student outcomes by creating a positive learning environment where connection, optimism, and learning readiness are supported.


Grade/age range:

CritterCoin is a K-20 PBIS solution.


Core or supplemental?

CritterCoin can be used across the curriculum in any class (or circumstance outside of class) in which students may benefit from positive encouragement to support school values.


Subject or topic:

CritterCoin was created to support PBIS and SEL initiatives.


Lesson time needed:

CritterCoin does not require any class time. Educators simply reward positive behaviors as they happen by awarding coins to students in real time.



Pricing model:

CritterCoin is free forever for students and teachers. A premium version offers additional features including:

  • Data Insights: $99.99 per school per month to analyze the points distributed, compare progress from round to round, and view utilization data;
  • Houses Display: $49.99 per school per screen, to cast your Houses display to a large screen in common areas;
  • Parent Access: $99.99 per school per month to give parents a view of all their students’ progress and incorporate after-school learning incentives; and
  • Scannables: $29.99 per school per month to allow teachers to create QR codes that students can scan in order to receive coins.


What makes CritterCoin unique? 

CritterCoin is the first PBIS solution to integrate NFTs and the blockchain. It offers fast, simple setup for teachers, and uses a variety of evidence-based engagement strategies to appeal to students of all ages. It’s already in use by thousands of students around the world, who are excited and engaged by the Houses system, which can be personalized to feature school colors or local animals.



CritterCoin is designed for easy use by teachers and students. Setup is simple with CritterCoin import or ClassLink integration. Teachers can award coins with a few clicks, and students can access their accounts without emails or logins.


Here’s what users are saying:

“CritterCoin links well with our PBIS team, which supports the teaching of four central values: responsibility, taking ownership, having a positive attitude, and respect…. We have the House display on TVs around the school, and kids love arriving in the morning and seeing who's in the lead. The kids just respond really well to it, as it motivates them.

“We've been lucky enough that we have had a budget to pour into rewards like hats, water bottles, and reusable masks for our kids—and the teachers have responded in like to these incentives, too. A few of them have said, ‘Hey, I would like my own reusable mask with my House on it,’ and I’ve offered them the opportunity to earn a reward if they could show me how they log into the system, how they award a point, etc. It's a little bit of fun, and it takes what we're doing with the students and reinforces it with the teachers.”

— Claire Davies, Elementary Innovation and Technology Coach & Coordinator at GEMS American Academy, Abu Dhabi